Your Pathway for Creating a Successful HSE Training Program

Your Pathway for Creating a Successful HSE Training Program

HSE Training

Health and safety training


Workplace safety training

Are you a health, safety and environmental (HSE) leader looking to create an ideal HSE training program? One that is responsive to HSE changes in organization structure and adaptive to compliance requirements?

Gensuite Training Tracker is the solution for your HSE training needs! Gensuite Training Tracker was created to help companies develop an effective HSE training plan and ensure that employee HR changes are integrated into that plan with agility.

In 1999, Gensuite partnered with HSE training leaders to develop a multi-tiered matrix that would systematically assign and track training by organization, site, department, job category and work tasks. The advantage of Gensuite Training Tracker as a matrix-based system is that it replaces labor-intensive, spreadsheet-based training management programs with a sustainable digital solution. The tool can be configured to accommodate company transitional HR changes, and works to facilitate trainer to employee communications.

Over the evolution of the HSE application, Training Tracker has expanded to offer key features such as in-person and online training session scheduling, an employee gateway, integrations with 3rd party Learning Management Systems and cross-functional training management capabilities. The approachable 4-step method for training management gives you tools for: 1) managing employees, 2) building a course catalog, 3) assigning training requirements, and 4) tracking completions. Automated and ad hoc system-generated email notifications are in place to make sure each of these steps are transparent for all involved in training compliance.

A system originally designed by HSE professionals for use at the General Electric Company soon expanded to other companies eager to leverage the HSE training app. Today, Gensuite Training Tracker® is one of the most widely implemented HSE compliance tools across Gensuite’s subscribers. With over 2,000 sites leveraging it in 65+ countries, it has become a must-have training solution for many organizations.

One of Training Tracker’s key subscribing sites is a large manufacturing facility that has really put the tool to the test by using it to manage training for over 8,000 employees. Since the site’s original implementation, the use of Training Tracker to capture completions has exploded with a 1000% increase in completions logged since 2000. Today, the site uses the tool to manage ~18,000 requirements per year. What’s more is that the system accommodates an automatic reconfiguring of training assignments for an average of 40 HR changes per week.

“Training Tracker has evolved to a robust Learning Management System that gives administrators and managers a powerful tool that will eliminate time and confusion when managing training in a digital age,” said John Bitman, EHS Program Leader. “Gensuite Training Tracker’s synchronization with HR, depth of matrix assignments and most importantly the development of the e-test,” Bitman said, “has enabled us to meet regulatory requirements with ease.”

Further evolution is on the horizon for Gensuite’s Training Compliance suite. Feedback from our subscribers and partners community is propelling Gensuite forward to take the site and organization-focused Training Tracker tool and create an overlay for enterprise-wide training management. Look for eEngage to break into the Gensuite scene later this year.



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