Working Around the Globe with Gensuite

Working Around the Globe with Gensuite

Gensuite may be a Cincinnati-based company, but our reach goes far beyond the state of Ohio. From subscribers all over the world, we must meet subscriber needs specific to each region. That’s why we have 11 offices all over the world to connect with those who use Gensuite solutions every day with local Gensuite team members readily available to support our users. Interested in working with a team of global leaders? Learn what it’s like to work for Gensuite straight from the team members who work there!

 Xavier Puyaubreau | Customer Development Specialist | Paris, France

 “My job includes a broad range of tasks and activities. I can be doing paper works related to office management, attending and speaking at a conference in Europe, presenting a demo for a prospective customer, giving my advice or opinion on marketing matters or ideas focused on Europe or France. I also assist from time to time with some other team tasks.”

Xavier is always looking for a challenge, so when he saw an opportunity with Gensuite he leaped at the chance. After interviews with Gensuite’s most influential leaders, he was hired at the Paris location to help grow Gensuite in the France and throughout western European. One of his biggest standout moments has been his part in our first User Regional Conference in Paris last year, where he was not only able to organize but also actively participate with subscribers. Above all, Xavier appreciates the flexibility he gets at Gensuite, from the tasks he’s able to devote time to and even the flexible hours he’s able to work.





Ethan Dillhoff | Lead Business Analyst | Remote Team

 Who kind of person should be at Gensuite?
“Someone who is driven and determined to put the customer first, someone who is looking for something challenging yet satisfying”

After meeting the team at a conference at Ohio University, Ethan began working at Gensuite right out of college and eventually integrated himself as an active part of the Customer & Application Services team. With Gensuite, he is able to work with companies from all over the world and help find the perfect software solution fit for their unique team. One of his standout moments was working with a large and recognizable company, rolling out and continuously supporting them with their Gensuite solution. An amazing opportunity, especially for a career straight out of college.






Kirstie Mellor | Associate Business Analyst | Melbourne, Australia 

“A standout moment for me at Gensuite was hosting/attending the 2018 Gensuite Conference in Australia. Actually, getting to meet the people we are supporting and getting to hear about how Gensuite has helped their customers was a great experience. It has driven me to want to work harder to help and support the people using Gensuite even more.”

 Kirstie isn’t intimidated by challenges, in fact, she embraces it! So, when she saw an open position for Gensuite in the new Melbourne office, she applied and soon after joined the team after only three weeks. Besides presenting a great learning opportunity, Kristie has discovered that being a part of a global team means strengthening new communication skills on top of interacting with current and potential subscribers. But what keeps her going is also the chance to work on new projects, there’s always an opportunity to grow and develop if you take the chances presented to you.







Siddharth Ashok | Web Development Specialist | Bangalore, India 

 “Gensuite is an employee friendly company where the top management is always up to support the team in their projects. Teamwork defines the Gensuite experience”

 Ashok is one of our more recent hires, and he has already become a huge contributor to our web presence. For Ashok, effectively planning out your day and collaborating with your fellow team members is the best way to reach success for any given project, and the team he works with everyday in Bangalore is more than willing to work together. Overall, Ashok supported as a team member and also feels the recognition from Gensuite leaders for the work and progress he has made.







Barbara Gonzalez | Senior Business Analyst | Aguascalientes, Mexico 

“Gensuite continues to grow at a large scale because it’s a trusted solution for companies, we need optimistic, creative people to help us continue growing. If you are proactive, willing to learn and hardworking, you have a great career ahead of you at Gensuite.

 Learning about Gensuite from her friends and family already working with us and encouraged by the growth opportunities they had told her about, Barbara decided to join the team herself when the opportunity arose. She has since been on the Gensuite team working with customers and companies considering Gensuite solutions from all over the world. But Barbara has also been extremely happy with her team members and employers, who continue to give her more chances to grow with her team.






Sara Berni | Human Resources Specialist | Aguascalientes, Mexico 

“Being part of a global company makes everything different and this is my first job on a global enterprise, so everything is new for me and I just love it! New challenges, team members from all around the world, practicing English every day, I’m very grateful for the opportunity of being part of the team.”

Looking for a new opportunity and challenge in her career, Sara saw a position at Gensuite that looked to be exactly what she was looking for! Now at Gensuite, everyday is something unique with new tasks and projects to work on. As a part of the HR team, she gets to work with her co-workers often to make sure all their unique ways of thinking, feelings, concerns and thoughts are acknowledged. Some of her biggest moments have been becoming a Gensuite leader, being recognized by her peers and even attending global events like the recent Leadership Retreat in Cincinnati.





Want to learn more about our global positions? Visit our careers page to learn more about joining one of our many locations around the world!


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