Why I’m Excited for the 2016 Gensuite Conference

Why I’m Excited for the 2016 Gensuite Conference

The Gensuite 2016 Conference is almost here and you should get excited! To me, it’s like a family reunion. I consider all of the people who are a part of the Gensuite Subscribers’ Community to be part of the Gensuite family. You’re who challenge our team to go further, be better, and do more! I believe that’s what family does – challenges you to be the best that you can be. With the Gensuite family by your side, here’s why you should get excited for the Gensuite 2016 conference!

Powered by Innovation

One of our service partners said the Gensuite Conference was the best international user conference he has ever attended – and the “most interactive and innovative.” The only reason we can achieve this “best-in-class” reputation is because of our customers, all of you, the Gensuite family.

Building for Your Future

For those of you that have never attended a Gensuite Conference, it is a time for members of the Gensuite family to interact, learn, and innovate together. It is also where the future of Gensuite is shaped.
During the very first Gensuite Conference that I personally attended in 2008, I remember taking notes on discussions about user support. The next thing I knew, I was asked to present the very next day on concept charts which would later become the Gensuite Help Me! tool.

A few years ago, during the Gensuite conference, someone else said they wished they had a Gensuite Tricorder, like in Star Trek, where they could just talk and it would record data on the go. Shortly after that comment, Gensuite Fast Forward Mobile was developed – to do just that.

I find it very exciting to hear about all of these cool ideas that later become reality. I believe everyone else who attends the Gensuite conference feels that way, which is why we see so many repeat attendees each year. This year, I’m really looking forward to hearing about all of the exciting new ideas that our users come up with.

Hands-On Interaction and Exploration

Why else should you attend the annual Gensuite Conference? One of the greatest benefits is the ability explore how others are using Gensuite tools and learn hands-on implementation strategies. From interactive discussions, you will be able to translate your business objectives and expectations into ways that would work with Gensuite. You will also have the opportunity to share your feedback on the future of Gensuite and how you think we can improve. Your ideas matter. And your ideas could become the next Gensuite tools that will help the Gensuite family achieve their business and functions’ goals!

Build Your Network
Another great part about the Gensuite conference is being able to add-on to your existing network. Whether you connect with more of the Gensuite family, find other lifelong business partners, or someone to connect with for brainstorming brilliant ideas – the Gensuite conference is a great place to start.

Click here for more information about the Gensuite 2016 Conference and register today! Our user conference locations span the globe, so we can connect in every corner of the world.


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