Who’s Who in EHS Tech: Innovations to Watch from the Gensuite Conference

Who’s Who in EHS Tech: Innovations to Watch from the Gensuite Conference

Emerging technologies can offer many improvements to workplace efficiency, safety, and more. However, deploying new tech at your site can be a daunting task. That’s why the Gensuite team hosts hands-on events to allow users to test new products before they buy-in. During the Gensuite Tech Night and Dinner at the annual Gensuite Conference, we invited envelope-pushers in the tech industry to nurture hands-on exploration of such workplace tech innovations.

Who’s who in EHS Tech? Here are cutting-edge innovations that you should watch out for that joined us at the Gensuite Conference.

AECOM’s immersive technology uses virtual and augmented reality to show the near reality, enabling users to visualize virtually anything—pun intended! At Gensuite’s Tech Night and Dinner, AECOM featured virtual reality headsets that helped bring infrastructure projects to life. This use of immersive technology makes it possible to show the near reality, encouraging people to see the whole picture and to understand the proposal.

Committed to innovating the next generation of wearable cameras, Pivothead features non-invasive, smart wearable cameras. These cameras shoot HD video, capture stills and stream over the internet to drive organizational productivity by deploying resources to any situation, in any location, at any time of need.

StrongArm Tech
To protect workers, StrongArm creates safety products such as the FLX ErgoSkeleton to reduce injury, pain, and fatigue among industrial workers. The FLX ErgoSkeleton is a piece of equipment that serves as a posture feedback system to mitigate lower lumbar risk.

Proxxi designed the first wrist-worn wearable smart field sensor that warns individuals of electrical danger and records critical safety information using a smartphone. The band fits under work clothes and gloves. It vibrates on your wrist to warn you of a potentially dangerous situation.

Heads Up
The Heads Up wearable communication system allows operators to receive personal safety and time critical updates while maintaining focus by providing alerts within their provisional vision. They enable instant communication between operators, safety crews, management teams, and life-saving sensor technology.

These EHS tech innovator game-changers that joined Gensuite at the 2017 Conference will transform the way you work, and help reduce the number of incidents at work. What emerging technology is our team working on? Gensuite is partnering with industry experts to incorporate virtual reality into our extensive range of applications. It’s our job to help you navigate implementing new EHS tech, like virtual reality.

This Q&A with Gensuite EHS expert Brian Bond will give you some helpful insight.

  1. What security concerns are raised for virtual reality?
    As with any technology, there are risks when using virtual reality. According to CSID.com, some security concerns surrounding virtual reality include physical and digital risks. Virtual reality stimulates experiences that create a degree of realism. When people use VR headsets they risk blending realities. The digital risks include privacy concerns and identity theft. Users may unknowingly express information related to their location or identity which may be recorded by a third party and used for marketing, or if it falls into the wrong hands, identity theft.
  2. What options are there for visually impaired users (near/shortsighted)?

Virtual reality headsets can be prescribed just like regular glasses. There are prescription lenses available with the same built-in capabilities. You can purchase personalized glasses for your VR headset.

  1. What do you see virtual reality being used for in the future?
    Gensuite sees a lot of potential utilization for virtual reality. It can be used for training purposes by immersing users in real life situations, giving them a realistic idea of what to expect. Augmented reality can be used for job safety procedures and assistance when someone is out doing work. These technologies can lead to a stronger virtual presence. For example, auditing can be done with a robot or a person wearing smart glasses with a built-in camera. Virtual reality is on the rise, too. If a company has a VR training course, Gensuite can integrate our processes to work with your needs. At Gensuite, we provide the tools you need to be successful.

There are many safety, cost-saving, and competitive benefits to using emerging technology at work. Gensuite is devoted to pioneering EHS tech innovations that change business for the better, and guide you along the way. Join us, and together we can shape the future of compliance and management systems. Want to demo some of our latest tech? Visit the contact us page.


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