What is Gensuite?

What is Gensuite?

What is Gensuite?

Gensuite is a leading cloud-based software solution that enables diverse companies to foster safe & sustainable workplaces worldwide. We are committed to customer service, innovation, and integrity, and with these values in mind Gensuite has grown 18x in the past 20 years. We currently provide top-of-the-line, best-in-class EHS management systems to 600,000+ users in 35+ industries. 

At Gensuite, we build and innovate software solutions that enable companies to keep employees safer and healthier at work, minimize their environmental impact, and accomplish industry-specific functional program goals. This software is centered around EHS & Sustainability, quality, security, responsible sourcing, product stewardship, and regulated asset & equipment management – all vital parts of building a successful and productive business in the EHS&S industry. 

Our teams aren’t just developing a product or selling a service, we’re helping companies build a brighter future worldwide. Our passion for customer service and relationship development is a lifelong commitment. Wcontinuously work to put ourselves in the mind of the customer and cultivate a relationship that will foster the most optimized, productive results. Without this promise for excellence in external relations, we would have nowhere near the network we have today. 

Solve today’s toughest industry challenges is one of our biggest goals, and we empower companies with the tools they need to maintain compliance along the way. Gensuite’s solutions are multi-faceted with advanced customization ability and come ready to implement at record speed. Your business can start using Gensuite within two months of signing, a shockingly short implementation period considering the EHS industry standard.  

The improved functionality that Gensuite’s solutions can provide to your business in its EHS&S and regulation compliance journey is a truly comprehensive effort to solve customer problems. Check out the infographic below for a quick snapshot of what makes Gensuite unique in the compliance management industry! 

 What is Gensuite?


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