What Does It Take to Excel at Gensuite – A Q&A with the Customer Services & Development Team

What Does It Take to Excel at Gensuite – A Q&A with the Customer Services & Development Team

Gensuite has more than 190 performance-driven subscribers from diverse industries. How does Gensuite serve a growing community of subscribers, with complex needs? The answer is our dedicated team.

Gensuite is customer-centric. That means our products and services revolve and evolve around the subscriber. In my two years working at Gensuite, I commend how all the teams work together to develop the best products and services for our subscribers. One team that drives this aspect of Gensuite’s mission is the Customer Services and Development team, also known as CSD. The CSD team is our largest group, comprised of global team members who work closely with subscribers each day.

Recently, I had the chance to speak with two Gensuite CSD team members in our Cincinnati office, Cecily Sexton (Senior Business Analyst) and Zachary Mog (Lead Business Analyst) to learn more about what it takes to excel on the CSD team.

Describe a typical day on the CSD team?

Cecily: I think that’s what’s exciting, it’s different every day. We wear a lot of hats. We manage a lot of projects and other team members. We must understand what our customer needs and look for growth opportunities. There are many different responsibilities that fall under our roles which makes the position very dynamic.

Zach: To add to Cecily’s point, we are account managers for our businesses – and each member on CSD has a dedicated subscriber they support. We have to make sure that we’re connected with our customers. As we manage new team members, we help them learn the Gensuite way.

Gensuite is customer-centric. How does your role contribute to Gensuite’s mission?

Cecily: One thing that we’ve really been focusing on is how our customers feel. We’ve taken a step back and looked at what makes the customer happy. Team members that have been here for a while have a good idea of this. But some of the newer team members might need help. I think that’s one of our biggest initiatives as a group. Our goal is to keep our customers happy and we take mentoring very seriously to make sure new team members are up to speed on how to do that.

We make sure we truly have an understanding of what the customer needs. If the same question came from 10 different customers, the details could be completely different. But we understand that because we have such a good relationship and committed support system for each customer. Zach has his own customers that he’s committed to and I have the same.

Zach: Our title for our group is called Customer Services and Development, so our customers are everything. It’s important to keep them happy and engaged with Gensuite tools. In the long run, what we do will help them as professionals in EHS, Quality or whatever functional programs they manage. We are in a software technology world, but we drive personal connections with our customers. The happier our customers are, the longer they will stay with us.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned since you’ve began working here?

Zach: It’s important to try to get the answer on your own first. I’ve learned taking ownership of your projects, helps the entire team to grow. The better each group performs, the better the entire Customer Services and Development team performs. It’s so important here, to see a project through completion. People are more likely to recommend you for other opportunities and projects if you do that. This will help you grow throughout your career at Gensuite.

Cecily: I totally agree with that. You have to really own it and show all the work you’ve done to complete that project. I think you can really excel with this company when you can own something. If you are able to do your own background research, you will do very well here. You have to use your investigative skills and resources available. Gensuite is a one-of-kind software, you can’t Google the answers, and you won’t learn it overnight. But if you work through the problem, and show all of your steps, you will understand what our customers experience every day and how you can better support them.  It’s also important to understand your subscribers and how Gensuite opportunities can further benefit them.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Zach: I see myself growing with this company. Whether that be growing my customer base, knowledge of the application modules we offer or internal initiatives. I will continue to learn. I want to be able to teach new team members the Gensuite way.

Cecily: I want to keep growing. The biggest challenges I’ve found is learning how to grow the team. It’s easy to look at a situation and think, ‘I can do this by myself and get it done faster’. But it’s better to have everyone help out. So, I want to learn more leadership skills and focus on that. I also want to see our customer base continue to grow. I want us to have more opportunities with our current customers.

What’s the best part about working at Gensuite?

Zach: The best part is that each day brings a new challenge. Each day we do so many things.  I like problem-solving. I feel that there is a sense of pride when I complete a project or come up with a new process. The work hard, play hard aspect is great. People are driven here, and they work hard. But we also have so many fun things we do as a team. We celebrate birthdays, we go to Dave and Buster’s, and Top Golf.

I really like that the company is growing, too. There are a lot of opportunities for growth at Gensuite. If this was a huge company we wouldn’t know our CEO. But instead, I have the opportunity to work with Mukund (Gensuite Founder & CEO) and Natasha (Gensuite EVP & Customer Development Officer) closely each week. I go to work each day excited because if you work hard, it pays off.

Cecily: I’d say it’s challenging and that can be a pro and a con. There are times when you feel like you want to throw your hands up, but when you solve a problem it’s a great feeling. And I think I’d be bored if I already knew how to do everything. I like the flexibility here, it’s nice when things come up in your personal life you can work from home.  We have a lot of perks. We have parties, contests, and giveaways all the time. A lot of my friends do not have that where they work.

What are the top skills a candidate should have if they want to join the CSD Team?

Cecily: Candidates should have problem-solving and time management skills. They should also be able to work independently. SQL skills are a great addition because you need to understand how to test Gensuite’s applications. But those can be learned on the job. Candidates should also have a sense of urgency or drive, that’s a huge skill to have here.

Zach: The top three skills are adaptability, organization and a willingness to learn.

Adaptability – There are things that happen each day that are completely different and might throw you off. You have to learn to adapt to any situation.

Organization – I’ve become a lot more organized through this job. I’ve organized my projects better, so when someone asks for a certain item, I have it readily available.

Willingness to Learn – There are certain things you do throughout the day that you might not think relate to your role. For example, you might be on a call and think you have nothing else to share, but it’s important to pay attention. Because if you’re open to learning something new, you’ll have the knowledge and be prepared when asked to do something outside of what your normal duties.

I’ve learned that our CSD team plays a vital role in keeping our customers satisfied and eager to learn more about Gensuite latest innovations. Speaking with Zach & Cecily, I think that there are so many candidates that would suit this exciting and diverse position.

Are you interested in applying for a Business Analyst or other Customer Services & Development position at Gensuite? Visit https://www.gensuite.com/job-listings/ to see our global open positions!



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