Gensuite Team Update (24-January, 2019)

Gensuite Team Update (24-January, 2019)

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2019 Leadership Retreat (more details and takeaways coming soon) 

Our global team gathered for an engaging Leadership Retreat last week! Gensuite values building better leaders through collaboration and transformational takeaways. We’re very excited to see our team grow in 2019. Like this post on LinkedIn, Retweet on Twitterand see more photos from the Retreat on Facebook



Thought Leader Spotlight: Smart Glasses- Humble Beginnings and the Emerging Future by Jenny Yu 

Since its increased use in the field, Gensuite has seen the potential of Smart Glasses as an effective tool and has already started to explore and refine the possibilities we have with this technology. Namely, our teams of experienced developers are looking to take advantage of its hands-free features, cameras, and internet connectivity to enable efficient workflow and advanced features for frontline workers as well as functional teams such as assessment or auditing teams in the field as a powerful extension to Gensuite’s cloud-based compliance and risk management software. But we have to keep in mind, this is a relatively new technology and fresh market with many challenges we have to consider and overcome. Read the full post here. 

What Makes a Hero Video 

What makes someone a hero? Is it the cape on their back or actions they take that make them special? We want to recognize those who are always working towards a brighter future and who inspire us to be better every day. Watch the video here. 



Follow Gensuite’s Twitter Account 

In 2019, Gensuite’s Twitter account has surpassed our competitors! As a result, this year the Twitter account will also share significant product releases to our audience. To help continue to grow our following, please follow Gensuite’s Twitter account (here), and Gensuite Founder & CEO, R Mukund’s account (here). Be on the lookout for more team involvement opportunities!



Recent Promotions

Ankita Jha has been promoted to Lead Business Analyst

Ankita joined Gensuite in May of 2016 in our Bangalore Office, supporting the Adams group. Since then, Ankita has taken a lead role in Kelsch – Unit 2, mentoring a number of new team members while leading the continued global expansion of Baxter’s SDS deployment.

With the promotion, we are excited for Ankita to continue her support of Baxter, while also taking a leadership role in supporting AGCO, Sachem, and many other subscribers across Kelsch – Unit 2 .






Malika Ouallouche has been promoted to Business Analyst

Malika joined Gensuite in July of 2018 in our London UK Office, as an Associate Business Analyst supporting Kelsch – Unit 3. Since then, Malika has played a critical role in supporting our subscribers in the EU, including Essity’s launch late last year.

With the promotion, we are excited for Malika to move into an account manager role for a number of businesses, including Abaco Systems, Millennium Hotels and Meggitt, while taking a lead support role for Essity, Essilor, and BorgWarner.





Nisha Rao has been promoted to Lead Operations Specialist


Nisha joined Gensuite in April of 2015 as a Business Operations Associate supporting different internal processes including OC & FOC programs for CAS group, Responsive Customer Care tracking and Bangalore office support. Since her start with Gensuite, Nisha has been instrumental for BOS team executing different projects and mentoring team members in Bangalore Office. Her leadership and customer centricity in SDS projects have contributed to a big accomplishment on this area, she also provides quality and turnkey support to BOS team.


With her promotion to Lead Operations Specialist, Nisha will be transitioned to STS team to continue driving key STS initiatives, expanding her portfolio and leading the team to ensure a successful execution of SDS Projects.






Gensuite Leadership Program – Customer Support Graduate – Justin Sin

Justin Sin has graduated from the Customer Support & Training Gensuite Leadership Program effective today, 14 January 2018. His drafts have come a long way in a short amount of time and the feedback given to him is implemented right away, requiring no follow-up.


New Team Members 

Anupkumar Tuppad (Network Specialist)

Anupkumar joins us with an overall experience of 3+ years, his most recent stint being at Accenture Pvt Ltd as a Network Operations Analyst, where he was involved in troubleshooting network layer issues, configuring VPN and customer WAN portion with significant design support, administration and implementation. He was instrumental in setting up the network layer and providing the IP address configuring static address Configuring multicasting on PE routers. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Science from B.V.Bhoomaraddi College of Engineering and Technology, Hubli.  He will be joining the Server & Network Operations group and will be reporting into Adam Martin as his Lead Manager and Shreekant Nayak as his Co-Lead Manager. He will be receiving his day to day instructions from Shreekant.






Paulina Elias (Finance Associate)


Paulina joins us with great experience as a Financial Analyst and Buyer. Some of her strengths are management, administration and negotiation. In her professional career, she has performed roles as AR representative and Buyer in the software industry.

She will be located in the Aguas office, reporting to Cyntia Padilla as her Lead Manager. Esteban Ibarra will serve as her on-boarding buddy in the MX office. Her initial assignments will be to work on the revenues receive application process, adding invoice records in some of our internal tools and supporting the current FOC for Kelsch CAS Group.





New on the Gensuite Blog 

As we get settled into the new year, we recognize all of the resolutions we made for our team and what we can do to keep them active throughout 2019 and beyond. Whether these resolutions include safety, organization, environmental compliance or all of the above, the solution to upholding our goals can sometimes be difficult to find. See which of our 10 most popular solutions are a match for your 2019 resolutions! Read the full blog post here. 


Gensuite Team Member Spotlight: Tyler Kenyon 

Describe your role at Gensuite.
I am a Business Analyst so I focus on customer service and sales/projects. My two primary customers are Penske and Cartamundi. Through lots of communication with these customers, my goal is to know their individual needs to figure out how Gensuite can best serve them.

What originally drew you to Gensuite, and how long have you been with the company?
After my first couple of positions out of college I realized I needed to find company that worked towards a goal that I was passionate about. I’ve always spent a lot of my free time outside and have had much concern for environmental health my whole adult life. On top of this shared goal, Gensuite also offered roles that aligned with my skill sets. I have now been with the company for almost 10 months.

How has Gensuite helped you in your career development?
One big area Gensuite has helped me with is project management. I had a small amount of project experience previously but my leadership here has given me more guidance and knowledge in this area. At the same time, I have also been given the autonomy to manage my own projects which has helped me learn faster. Lastly, Gensuite has taught me a lot about working in a small business environment.

What has been your proudest moment working at Gensuite?
My proudest moment was most likely when I completed my first project for Cartamundi.

What advice would you give to new employees?
As with most new jobs, it can be overwhelming at first but of course things always come full circle. I would suggest to continue being proactive about learning the applications because some can be very intense (#TrainingTracker).

What 3 words would you use to describe Gensuite?

What initiative are you most excited about that Gensuite is working on, and why?
I’m probably most excited about the smart glasses. I think that has a lot of applicability in the employee safety area and would help us show that we are looking ahead.

Tell us three things about yourself that most people don’t know.
I can unicycle. I’m from Missouri. And I’ve probably averaged spending about $60 a month at Starbucks for the past year.

What are your hobbies or interests outside of work?
Much of my free time is spent racing bicycles and playing soccer. I also have somewhat of an obsession with the National Parks where I love to backpack.


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