Environmental Management Software Helps Track and Monitor Water Performance Using Environmental Compliance Software

Gensuite’s Water Compliance Solutions enhances site wastewater compliance management processes. Record wastewater monitoring data, track exceedances and wastewater treatment systems performance.

Track permit requirements to drive execution of procedures for wastewater and storm water to assure compliance with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wastewater regulations, including Clean Water Act (CWA) and National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES).

Application Highlights

  • Develop comprehensive list of site wastewater sources and discharge points (process, sanitary, storm water and remedial systems) subject to permit limits
  • Define and automatically monitor parameters of concern
  • Operationalize compliance requirements, including permit and operational limits and recordkeeping requirements into actionable tasks and automatic monitoring
  • Configure complex pollutant calculations
  • Trend operational data and emissions with real-time statistical process control charting and multi-parameter analysis


  • Integrate with site monitoring systems and data historians to automate the upload of data to Water Watch application
  • Create auto and custom water treatment reports to simplify reporting to government agencies such as U.S. DMR
  • Engage site teams and streamline recordkeeping via Water Watch Gensuite Mobile Application
  • Notify teams of operational and compliance data approaching warning thresholds
  • Maintain compliance under EPA wastewater regulations
  • Simplify monitoring tasks via customized sampling forms
Configure and Deploy Health and Safety Software for Effective EHS Management and EHS Software

Configure And Deploy The System

  • Plug into the comprehensive Gensuite solution

  • Deploy the system in as quickly as 4-6 weeks

  • Extend and evolve your programs continuously

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