Using Integrated Data Analytics to Increase Quality Management Program Effectiveness: Monthly Subscriber Spotlight

Using Integrated Data Analytics to Increase Quality Management Program Effectiveness: Monthly Subscriber Spotlight


The growth of many organizations continues to be crippled due to the lack of technological innovations, including resistance to technology adoption. Many businesses follow their strategic organizational and product roadmaps throughout the year; they check off the list and move initiatives along, yet fall short of growth goals. If your company considers forward movement success, then you’ve done your job. If you have big growth goals, then a checklist will never suffice. Ultimately, automation and integrated data analytics are how organizations align programs and processes with growth goals.

To see significant business growth, automated data capture and reporting will identify opportunities and lead the growth plan on high-speed.

Building an Effective Quality Management System that Aligns with Business Growth

A Gensuite subscriber in the food and beverage industry was looking for an automated system that could align with their growing business needs. The solution needed to standardize and manage the future of their quality management program while having the configurability and scalability to meet their vigorous program goals. The system needed to streamline and automate processes for over 50 sites; a combination of manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and distribution centers. This subscribers’ decision-makers were not only interested in concern management, but also corrective action tracking.

In order to align with growing needs, the system needed to be future-focused.

  • User-friendly for easy employee adoption at all sites
  • Mobile capabilities for ease-of-use and real-time performance observation
  • Integrated data analytics to identify ongoing process improvement opportunities
  • Scalability to meet the needs of business growth
  • Intuitive reporting, visualization, and insights for effortless executive reports

The company’s functional and operational leaders wanted access to real-time performance reports across different levels of the enterprise to drill-down to the underlying data. This deep-dive into analytics was a critical objective to meet the high standards and processes for their quality management program. Having a comprehensive view and implementing proactive measures to improve quality performance has always been a key driver in this subscriber’s organizational success.

Using Tableau Integrated Data Analytics to Drive Quality Program Effectiveness

Setting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for EHS professionals can often be a challenge. Just as with any risk management function, success is measured by incident prevention. Though, your data can (and should) indicate the success and failures of your preventative measures you’ve implemented. Organizations must take a holistic view of quality to effectively integrate and manage all risks and compliance needs. Comprehensive views of Environmental, Health, Safety & Quality (EHSQ) KPIs can be segmented into these two categories.

Employee Performance – Tracking user performance

  • Notification response rate
  • Audit finding/closure performance
  • Overdue tasks: training requirements, risk assessments, or issue closure

Program Performance – Tracking leading and lagging indicators

  • Lagging Indicators – Record of your company’s past incidents
  • Leading Indicators – Measurements of your preventative quality measures

Data and analytics should be the primary driver in the evolution of your quality management program. As a leading food and beverage ingredient supplier, this company is a known innovator. Their organization has high standards and demands of their own internal processes, so vetting a future-focused software for an EHS software was critical. Learn more about how this subscribers’ EHS professionals used Gensuite to ease leadership and employee buy-in and adoption by downloading the case study HERE.


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