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Frequently Asked Questions

Congratulations on joining the Gensuite Subscriber Community, we’re glad you’re here! You’re now part of a community of companies dedicated to continuous improvement in employee health & safety, quality, responsible sourcing, and sustainability!

As a new user of Gensuite, you may have received a Welcome Email when a current Gensuite user added you into the system. If you haven’t received such an email or depending on how your company has setup its instance of Gensuite, you may access it via a link similar to: https://[mycompany] or you may be required to access it from within your company’s Intranet e.g., https://gensuite.[mycompany].com.

Click here to allow our world-class, support team to direct you to your instance appropriately and put you into contact with your company’s Gensuite leader! Once you’re in your instance of Gensuite – check out our Self Starter videos for helpful tips and guidance.

Gensuite is dedicated to ensuring we provide our users with top-quality assistance with any questions they may have, which is why we developed Gensuite HelpMe!

Gensuite HelpMe provides a single place for our users to search for answers to their Gensuite questions via our extensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) database; sign-up for Gensuite University sessions offered at no-cost to all subscribers; or to log a support request/problem report. HelpMe requests are routed intelligently for timely and accurate response, with the highest priority for problem reports consistent with Gensuite’s Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for application response and support.

To access the HelpMe portal, simply click or tap Support from Gensuite Home or from the topbar within any application. Look for this icon helpme!

Your mobile device is your key to unlocking the power of Gensuite wherever you are and not just at your desk! Gensuite Mobile, our Mobile App is now available across mobile platforms, including both tablets and smartphones running on Apple iOS, Android, Kindle – and very soon, Windows Mobile! Access your device’s application store and search for Gensuite Mobile! 

Download Now! Gensuite Go Mobile Download App Store Apple    

Once installed – access the application and follow the steps below to register your device to your Gensuite account.

How to Register the Gensuite Mobile app:

  1. Tap the Gensuite Mobile app to open it
  2. Using the tabs at the bottom of the Gensuite Mobile app, select the Home tab
  3. Enter the email address associated to your Gensuite contact record and tap Next
  4. To request a mobile PIN, tap the Send Mobile PIN button and a 4-digit mobile PIN will be emailed to you
  5. Enter your 4-digit mobile PIN and tap Submit
  6. If prompted, select your Company and tap Submit
  7. Login to your company’s Gensuite instance to access your Gensuite applications

Note: If your Company’s Gensuite instance is within the Company Intranet, your device must have access to the Company Intranet (i.e. via Internal WiFi or Mobile VPN) to use the Gensuite Enterprise mode.

Note: In addition to using the App, you can also access Gensuite directly in your browser in iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones and tablets, and Windows tablets and smartphones!

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