Understanding & Simplifying OSHA 300A Electronic Recordkeeping Requirements (Infographic)

Understanding & Simplifying OSHA 300A Electronic Recordkeeping Requirements (Infographic)

Are you prepared for the upcoming OSHA 300A Submission Deadline on March 2, 2019?

OSHA’s 300A Electronic Recordkeeping requirement mandates that covered establishments with 250+ employees and establishments with 20-249 employees in certain high-risk industries must submit their 300A forms electronically.

With Gensuite, this electronic submission process is faster & easier than ever before. Soon after the rule went into effect, we partnered with our subscribers to create a self-service single/multi-establishment CSV file feature integrated into our Incidents & Measurements application module – available to all I&M users at no additional cost.

This powerful tool is now equipped with additional flexibility, allowing you to choose which sites to include in your submission and to classify data by scope (i.e. Site or Dept level data, Establishment Type, etc.). As a community, we are dedicated to simplifying regulatory processes – and with Gensuite, submitting OSHA 300A data has never been easier.

To learn more about the Gensuite Incidents & Measurements app module & our streamlined OSHA 300A electronic submittal tool, visit our resources page or contact us today!


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