Understanding and Managing Organizational Change Management

Understanding and Managing Organizational Change Management

Organizational Change Management

Change comes in many forms. Seasonal changes, career changes, and much more. But when it comes to change in the workplace, employees and managers must have a strategic plan in place.

Change management at the very basic level refers to the managing of human emotions and employee concerns when major changes are made within an organization. When changes arise in the workplace, often times, so do potential risks and new compliance requirements. How does your workplace currently handle major changes? Start by properly understanding and managing organizational change management.

What is Organizational Change Management?

Organizational change management is the process a company has in place when change arises and to then prevent, address, and/or fix an ineffective workplace. To understand change management from an organizational perspective, you have to know that it is a more formal, systematic, and planned change that affects all levels of the organization. Organizational change management is typically used to improve production, performance, efficiency, and/or morale in an organization. Many companies hire or put in-place external change management programs, consultants, or professionals. These individuals or programs analyze the organization, work with company leaders to set improvement goals, and then implement action steps and change management applications to help the company reach goals.


Why is Organizational Change Management Important?

Workplace change can result in a number of safety-related risks or non-compliance issues. For example, let’s say your company just released a new line of manufacturing equipment or employee use, but did not properly train employees or read-up on new compliance and regulatory requirements. The result would be safety risks and incidents, employee concerns on well-being, and an unsuccessful audit. Having a plan in place before something goes wrong can help organizations greatly reduce and mitigate workplace risks. While company leaders may have the right to simply dictate change and require employee cooperation, workplace morale and motivation can become severely damaged without consideration of employee concerns.


Change is one of the leading causes of human stress. People often worry and become fearful when significant changes take place. Company leaders need to recognize these emotions and have a plan for change management prior to introducing major changes to the company or a department. With that, you can enable your smoother transitions when new organizational changes are made.


How Can You Improve and Implement Organizational Change Management?

As many organizations turn to external means of managing change, their internal processes greatly improve. Gensuite Change Management software helps EHS, quality, and other functional teams identify and manage potential risks and compliance requirements associated with changes to operations, equipment, and people. Within this flexible and customizable change management suite, you can easily create a standardized process that follows safety requirements applicable to you, generates change validation phases, and much more.


Within the Gensuite Change Management suite, you’ll have access to the Gensuite Management of Change (MOC) application. The MOC offering enables streamlined management of compliance, process safety, and functional risks arising from facility, equipment and process changes. This includes change screening, evaluation, review and approval, execution, and follow-up. Let higher management and those in charge of change management procedures know the importance of having an organizational change management system in place.


Start your journey to better organizational change management today. Reduce organizational risks and incidents, obtain and gain employee satisfaction, and for an overall more efficient workplace. Gensuite stands ready to help you with your change management needs. Contact a Gensuite representative today to get started.


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