Top 5 Takeaways from EHS Management Institute

Top 5 Takeaways from EHS Management Institute

EHS Management Institute

How do you address rising concerns over EHS and sustainability in the corporate world? Maybe you attend conferences that approach industry challenges and introduce cutting-edge solutions. The EHS Management Institute does just that. Year after year, Gensuite not only actively engages in this conference as a sponsor and attendee, but a leading participant. This means engaging in program demonstrations, speeches and providing key takeaways post the EHS Management Institute event. With that, here are the top 5 takeaways from the EHS Management Institute.

The Top 5 Takeaways:

1. Gensuite Virtual Assistant.

During the Transformational Power of Emerging Technology presentation, Gensuite introduced the Gensuite Virtual Assistant. This technology integrates Amazon Echo with our EHS applications to bring you hands-free EHS compliance and management system technology. Currently, we are joining General Electric to pilot the Gensuite Virtual Assistant across seven of their global locations. It’s helpful to see how GE is thinking about emerging tech from a customer standpoint, compared to a tech company like Gensuite who works with technology every day.

2. Roundtable Discussions.

These discussions generated more direct feedback from delegates on how they envision new technology (like the Gensuite Virtual Assistant) to help drive EHS programs and remove challenges.

3. Data Transparency.

Big Data is bigger! Data was a major talking point during the EHS Management Institute – and for good reason. When you leverage data for predictive analytics, it’s like “seeing around the corner”. You capitalize the opportunity to improve safety culture throughout the enterprise to communicate information clearly through visual analytics software displays and create leading methods for reducing employee injuries. Want to learn more about data transparency and analytics? Join this upcoming webinar!

4. IoT.

The future is the internet of things… are you ready? That’s what R Mukund, Gensuite Founder and CEO, discussed during the EHS Management Institute. IoT is not always the hi-tech gear we see in the movies though. It can be palm-sized sensors deployed on a fleet of trucks simultaneously recording information such as vehicle location, driver ability, driving conditions, and accident information. All of this gives insight into how assets should be managed and how to keep employees safe. Read more about IoT tech here.

5. Employee Engagement.

Presentations didn’t just reveal new technologies. They also revealed the fundamentals of what make these new technologies excel – employee engagement. During closing remarks, Mark Stoler of the Gensuite Executive Advisory Board elaborated on the importance of trust. Trust in programs, trust in each other – trust must be omnipresent for it all work to work! For example, if you don’t have trust fostered in your organization, your employees will be cynical about your use of IoT devices to monitor their health and safety on the job. They must have intrinsic trust in the organization that the data will be used for its intended purpose, and that the organization will be responsible with that information.

The EHS Management Institute continuously positions itself as a dynamic conference where attendees gather to hear from varied thought leaders in the EHS space. You can understand priorities, discover innovations, observe numerous presentations and bring it back to your space year after year.


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