Top 4 Takeaways from the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) Conference

Top 4 Takeaways from the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) Conference

Last weekend, nineteen companies partnered up to bring together more than 60 experts and far more practitioners at the Responsible Mineral Initiative’s Annual Conference in Santa Clara, CA. The goal driving this conference was to share knowledge and strategy surrounding corporate social responsibility in global supply chains, and take steps towards a clean, green, sustainable future for us all – and Gensuite thought leaders were thrilled to have been there to help with these initiatives. Here’s a look into the top four takeaways we gathered from this year’s RMI Conference.

  1. The Expectations for Responsible Mineral Production and Sourcing

As companies create more fleshed-out due diligence systems, the expectations for responsible production and sourcing are rising. The RMI Conference addressed the responsible sourcing practices being translated into businesses, and how organizations are working together with stakeholders to tackle challenges in meeting the goal of responsible sourcing. Gensuite, alongside many other companies, will be developing their efforts in this area.

  1. How Product Stewardship Spans from Global Strategy to Local Action

Product stewardship has become one of the most important practices upheld not only by Gensuite, but by companies around the world. Donavan Hornsby, Gensuite’s Vice President and Corporate Strategy Executive, and a 2019 RMI Conference attendee, said; “Having attended prior RMI events in the past, it was exciting to see the RBA (Responsible Business Alliance) expanded the breadth of topics covered to include other critical business and industry priorities related to responsible supply chain and manufacturing operations globally.”

Businesses have turned towards ensuring that the people who make and use their products take responsibility for the negative impacts those products could have. As such an integral aspect of due diligence and best business practices, there’s no question that companies who attended RMI will be exploring how to utilize this practice on a global and local scale.

  1. What You Can Do to Expand and Deepen Your Minerals Due Diligence Program

Organizations make strides in the EHS and responsible sourcing world by setting and enforcing expectations that go beyond compliance – we have reached a point where we are including not only EHS and responsible sourcing, but also ESG (environmental, social and governance) requirements. The adaptation of companies’ due diligence programs in order to incorporate ESG issues into the conversation does not go unrecognized, and Gensuite looks forward to playing a part in the dialogue on this matter. “One thing that remains true every year as new regulatory and responsible business priorities emerge is that organizations benefit greatly from technology and software platforms that provide a comprehensive foundation that can flex to address these emerging needs quickly (Explore Gensuite’s Responsible Sourcing Platform here). This has been the hallmark of Gensuite and its Responsible Sourcing and Product Stewardship solutions for the past 20+ years,” says Donavan.

  1. Our Part in Using Minerals to Make a Green Economy

The clean energy transition has been gaining momentum over the years, and we are backing it as it makes its way further into the mainstream energy industry and takes more of a foothold on the profit ladder. Gensuite and all other participants at the RMI Conference are working to remain up to date with the fact that the demand for minerals and metals acting as key components of clean energy technologies will be in high – and rising – demand. Donavan Hornsby speaks to the importance of the emerging tech in regards to responsible sourcing programs, “Transparency and accountability were key themes at the conference, themes that have been core to the business and compliance objectives of our subscribers for many years as they have looked to us to help them evolve and innovate technology and systems to more effectively connect their people and processes with the mission of the organization.”

As one of the forerunners of new technology in the EHS&S world, we are delighted to have been a part of an event that sheds light on the use of AI and drones being utilized by the responsible minerals initiative in order to recover these resources.

Final Reflections on the 2019 RMI Annual Conference

The sharing and distribution of knowledge, as well as collaboration and partnership between companies, is an integral part of the rise of responsible sourcing, product stewardship and the increasing influence of EHS&S and ESG principles in the daily business world. A proud participant of this community of innovators, Gensuite is ready to begin implementing these valuable event takeaways, and we are already looking forward to the next one! For more information or to get involved, visit the Gensuite contact us page.


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