Top 4 Takeaways from BREAKTHROUGH: Gensuite Conference 2019

Top 4 Takeaways from BREAKTHROUGH: Gensuite Conference 2019

Behind every great company is a great team. The Gensuite community of collaboration is made up of 375+ Gensuite team members, 230+ subscribing companies, 60 partnering companies – and as of this year, over 1,000,000 users! That is part-of the make-up of the annual Gensuite Conference – and this year was no different at BREAKTHROUGH: Gensuite Conference 2019. The innovative vision behind the Gensuite community is what inspires the continuous evolution of our products and services. The Gensuite Conference provides the opportunity to share new perspectives and incredible stories across the community. This year we revealed groundbreaking ideas that have come to life – such as digital landscape integration, smart technology exploration & deployment, digitization solutions for ISO & the risk/opportunity registry, and analytics & visualization. What were the major discussion points surrounding these topics and what is to come within the year? Here are the top 4 takeaways from BREAKTHROUGH.

  1. Integrating Seamlessly with the Enterprise Digital Landscape: As the world continues to change, the digital landscape does too. 74% of EHS, quality, and asset maintenance managers have transitioned to a digital program for their management needs. Everybody needs something different from their compliance and management system, but Gensuite offers value to 1 million users with the ability to configure to individual needs. With a broadening user group from various backgrounds and industries, we needed to re-think how we delivered services to scale better and be more responsive to digital needs to continue delivering high-quality products and services. The first step was Gensuite Application Recharge which included 65+ apps upgraded and cutover. This update included integration with Genny the Virtual Assistant in chat and talk mode to help simplify processes, and a new EZ scan feature for generating QR codes to improve concern reporting. Another major upgrade included application integration with Gensuite Analytics by Tableau® for multidimensional data analytics and visualization. Gensuite will continue to take digitization into the future as we continue to grow together.
  2. Smart Technology Exploration & Deployment: Mobile is the front runner of smart technology as it is the backbone powering many leading-edge devices and management programs. Within this realm, there are three dimensions of smart tech that are continuously advancing. These are: exploration (image recognition, machine learning, and wearable sensors), Pilot (smart auditors, operators, and beacons and Genny), and Deployment (Mobile apps, QR scanning, and geofencing). Gensuite is currently exploring all dimensions of smart technology, from Mobile to Augmented Reality (AR). Gensuite Mobile allows users to scan QR codes for label printing to make inspections and concern reporting easier. Other integrations with Gensuite Mobile/Desktop include Genny the Virtual Assistant. Genny used to be available only through Gensuite Home; now it is embedded throughout several applications, such as SDS. This added feature allows users to search for SDS assets and search/view regulatory applicability reports quickly. Gensuite is also experimenting and piloting AR and Smart Glass integrations. AR allows users to scan real equipment models to pull-up customizable equipment markers noting inspection location with details. Smart Glass connects with your laptop and allows you to make voice commands to conduct inspection checklists hands-free. You can record comments, take videos, take pictures, and more. Pete Bussey, Gensuite thought-leader of LNS Research, touches on the importance of properly integrating smart technology into areas like manufacturing. It’s important to think in terms of business transformation, not just technology. Industrial exploration leaders are 60% less likely to use tech as a core strategy but are 30% more likely to use new business processes (like integrating tech) to add capabilities for safety, risk, and EHS management.
  3. Digitization Solutions for ISO & the Risk/Opportunity Registry: The latest updates to the Gensuite risk registry allow users to batch upload to their hazard library and pull-down hazards applicable to sites. We consistently integrate customer feedback into the latest versions for continuous improvements – such as upgrades/comments surrounding the new ISO 45001 standard. ISO 45001 standard for Occupational, Health, and Safety (OHS) management discusses the importance of accountability. Safety is everyone’s responsibility (including contractors) and this standard ensures organization-wide safety. Gensuite Mobile for safety risk reporting allows everyone to document risks and share data, making ISO 45001 certification simple. Basi Garza of StandardAreo, works with several customers that require certain ISO certifications. By using the Gensuite risk registry tool they are able to input hazardous operations, number of aspects, create risk scores, and risk reduction columns to document the controls for each aspect. They can easily copy their risk library to other sites to maintain compliance when they are already working and maintaining certification at another site.
  4. Looking to the Future with Analytics & Visualization: Did you know that 65% of the population are visual learners? Complex reports make digesting information surrounding EHS statistics difficult, but visual reports simplify this while providing actionable insights. With the launch of our embedded Analytics solution in 2019, every Gesnuite subscriber has access to powerful data insights and visualization capabilities. Several Gensuite customers are now using analytics and visualization to make data recording easier. At Tate & Lyle, they have generated 96,000 data records since Jan 2018 – and 147 analytics reports so far. They are able to open findings and search by type, build customizable reports, create unique views, and export in multiple formats. This allows them to gain transparency to help drive performance and react faster to safety-related concerns. Other companies have been using Gensuite Analytics to reveal incidents they never knew existed. With Gensuite Analytics powered by Tableau® the options are endless.

Final Reflections on BREAKTHROUGH: Gensuite Conference 2019
Will our next big idea come from you? Each year at the Gensuite Conference we aim to do it bigger than the last and we know that you’ll return home with some actionable insights of your own. We’re looking forward to seeing you next year in Orlando, Florida – or any of our regional conferences around the world. For more information on the 2020 Gensuite Conference, and to secure your invite, visit the conference website here.


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