Top 3 Takeaways from EHS Today’s 2016 Safety Leadership Conference

Top 3 Takeaways from EHS Today’s 2016 Safety Leadership Conference

Do you know the difference between safety leadership and safety management? Efficient safety management is essential for effective business performance, but proper safety leadership takes a company’s safety program from good to great. Last month, Gensuite team members took this critical insight and more away from the 2016 Safety Leadership Conference held by leading Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) and Sustainability magazine publisher, EHS Today. The Safety Leadership Conference gives Environmental, Health & Safety and Sustainability professionals from a diverse set of industries the opportunity to connect, share best practices and new ideas with one another, creating the perfect atmosphere for safety leaders from across the globe to collaborate and educate to improve safety programs.


The conference gave Gensuite various opportunities to share their award-winning compliance and management systems, and also gave team members the opportunity to experience the latest in safety concepts and technology first-hand.
With so much to share with both the team and the Gensuite community, here are Gensuite’s top 3 takeaways from EHS Today’s 2016 Safety Leadership Conference:

Safety from the Top Down
Creating a safe environment for employees is an essential part in running a successful company. Often times safety management gets caught in the weeds among other leadership responsibilities, sometimes cutting safety corners to meet deadlines. Determine your safety leaders and properly manage a culture of safety excellence to build an environment that workers can thrive in, keeping them productive and protected from hazards. Having effective safety procedures in place, assessing risks and leading by example are just some ways to initiate safety from the top down.

Increase Employee Engagement
In order to be successful, each worker must do their part to create a culture of safety excellence within the workplace. Employees must be engaged in workplace safety, executing procedures properly. Initiating supervisor-to-employee safety communications, introducing them to possible hazards on the job, holding regular safety meetings and encouraging workers to discuss their concerns with supervisors empowers and engages employees to perform safely. Safety leaders can streamline employee engagement actions by using software that allows users to report concerns, share feedback, conduct employee behavior assessments, and facilitate communications.

Recruit and Retain Young Safety Leaders
Rich Baldwin, EHS director of PCL Construction Enterprises, shared his experience on recruiting young safety leaders during the EHS Today Safety Leadership Conference. The benefit in hiring young talent is the opportunity to mold the recruit to understand and prioritize safety without sacrificing performance. However, according to Baldwin’s presentation, “lack of company knowledge and inexperience in situational management can prove to be disadvantages.” By implementing proper training and meeting training compliance, leaders can create effective and well-trained safety leaders. Providing incentives to continue their growth is what helps young safety leaders stay onboard. “We need to show young people that there is a high potential they can be on larger projects as time goes by,” Baldwin said. “We owe it to them to continually improve their capabilities.”

Consider these important concepts when building a safety-first work environment. Deploying software can simplify this process. Implementing a safety management software program streamlines risks, Lockout Tagout (LOTO) procedures, ergonomic and industrial hygiene management, and much more when integrated with other software management systems, such as training and employee engagement. The EHS Today 2016 Safety Leadership Conference provided many great takeaways, and these are just a few. Working for a company such as Gensuite that offers proven safety management applications, I understand the importance of putting this insight into action. Give your company the tools that they need to establish a culture of safety excellence within the organization.


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