There’s an App for That: Mobile Auditing Software and Why You Should Use it

There’s an App for That: Mobile Auditing Software and Why You Should Use it

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In an increasingly tech-based society, improvements are being made all the time in areas like mobile apps and business technology. Mobile apps and business tech are often combined to make certain processes more efficient and accessible, especially when employees are working in the field. Nowhere are these trends more apparent than in the auditing industry–which is why mobile audit software apps are being specifically developed to make tasks easier when in the field.

Recent advances in cloud computing have been incredibly useful to businesses, but environmental, health, and safety (EHS) professionals in particular are now relying on mobile audit app technology to increase the efficiency of audits. In the process, they’re protecting their companies and the environment at the same time.

EHS professionals routinely perform audits to stay in compliance with OSHA and EPA regulations, and mobile audit software has changed the way this field operates.

For companies with a variety of locations, operations, and assets, audit software is an indispensable tool. Audits can be tracked in real time, giving everyone in the company access to the data they need to make informed decisions. For large companies, no single employee can be everywhere at once, and the latest EHS audit software allows for instant communication. Surprisingly, only 23% of CEOs believe they have comprehensive information about risks to their business, but mobile, cloud-based audit software makes that a problem of the past.

Why Is Mobile Audit Technology So Important in the EHS Field?
Good mobile audit software is only part of the equation here. Without the right technology to operate this software, EHS departments are unable to help organizations effectively manage risk, leading to disastrous results.

Thanks to Gensuite’s cloud-based applications, mobile safety audit software can help ensure that auditors are connected wherever they go. It might seem obvious, but mobile audit technology allows auditors to be more, well, mobile when out in the field. Of course, a pen and paper are mobile, but they don’t offer the same efficiency, speed, and accuracy of mobile applications integrated with the latest EHS mobile audit software.

How Do Mobile Apps Help Employees and Managers?
Mobile audit technology can allow employees to instantly access and input necessary information in the event that an audit needs to be performed unexpectedly. These tools also enable them to relay important information to their managers with a single click.

Keeping up with the latest regulation, reporting, and compliance issues has never been more important — or more complicated. And that’s where mobile audit software comes in. Without cloud based audit software with mobile applications, organizations risk falling behind.

Today, approximately 75% of employees report feeling safe in their work environment. Despite that, 45% still feel uncomfortable reporting unsafe practices to their employers. However, with these advances in mobile technology, it’s also never been easier to maintain a safe work environment. With the right EHS technology and mobile audit software at your disposal, your team can instantly track and update all ongoing safety concerns. That means managers are never out of the loop.

While this is often referred to as the digital age, the data age might be a more accurate term. Without the right environmental auditing software, you’re operating blind. And in 2016, that means you need cloud-based, mobile-ready software.

To find out more about the latest mobile audit software, contact Gensuite today.



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