The Movers and Shakers of the NAEM Conference

The Movers and Shakers of the NAEM Conference

As 2018 is coming to an end, we’re taking the time to reflect on some of our most stand-out experiences of the year. While many are events we’ve hosted or innovations we’ve created from inside Gensuite walls, many were found in the buildings of external conferences.

Only a few short weeks ago, our leaders made the journey to Louisville, Kentucky to visit one of the key events we attend every year—the National Association for Environmental Management Forum. The National Association for Environmental Management, or simply NAEM, has been working towards the advancement of environmental management, health and safety for the past 27 years. Each year, incrementally furthering their goal, with 2018 being no different.

“NAEM continues to be a premier event for us. It provides us with the opportunity to connect with new and long-time friends,” said Vice President & Corporate Strategy Executive, Donavan Hornsby

Connections and networking are a key component to any successful conference, and some of the most recognizable brands attended this year, giving their leaders ample opportunity to show off their knowledge and expertise. Many of the leaders presenting in this year’s key focus areas of EHS&S and leadership were also being honored with the coveted NexGen Leader Award—which recognizes those who prove their dedication, commitment and knowledge to their career in the EHS&S industry.

NAEM awards several individuals with the NexGen Leader Award

Even after NAEM began to close its doors for the day, Gensuite was able to keep the party going just a short walk down the road. 55 attendees joined Gensuite and EHS industry leaders at the Ultimate Jim Beam Bourbon Experience, continuing the conversations from NAEM. R Mukund, Gensuite’s Founder and CEO, was very excited about the prospect of our post-conference plans.

“Outside of the industry best practice sharing sessions, the hallmark of NAEM events, we took full advantage of our time in Louisville KY by hosting an evening event at one of the city’s well-known bourbon houses where we were able to get a taste of the local spirit and speak about the Gensuite Innovation Roadmap,” he reflects.

We get a taste of Kentucky at our Ultimate Jim Beam Bourbon Experience

For years now, Gensuite has been attending NAEM and we continue to do so for the leaders and expertise they attract with every speaker, every event and every conversation that sparks on the event floor. “NAEM has been an incredible showcase of the diversity of experienced leaders in a multitude of industries,” she comments.  Executive Vice President & Customer Development Officer, Natasha Porter, speaks about her time at NAEM, “Several of those leaders are active members of our subscriber community. Actually, Max Rutz, Managing Director of Safety Strategy & Optimization at Delta Global Services, and Budd Batchelder, Senior EHS Manager at Comcast Cable, are two Gensuite Subscribers that were recognized at NAEM with the NexGen Leader Award.”

As the event wound down and the last few remaining NAEM participants said their goodbyes, it was clear that this had been an event that anyone would be thankful to have a role in. Gensuite team leaders are always looking for events to express their ideas and reach out to other innovators so we can all grow and be the best we possibly can Do you want to join Gensuite at a conference near you? See what conferences our leaders will be at on our events page.




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