The Making of Gensuite Mobile Compliance & Management Software

The Making of Gensuite Mobile Compliance & Management Software

At this moment, I bet your mobile device is within an arm’s reach, and probably is throughout most of your waking (and sleeping) hours. With the explosion of mobile technology in the 21st century, nearly half of the world’s population subscribes to mobile services.

Mobile enables users’ instant access to information anytime and anywhere. To prove this point, think about how often you use your mobile device to communicate, access the internet and more. All information is merely a Google-search away!

Mobile usage in the workplace for compliance and management is booming – adding a new level of vitality, productivity, engagement and accuracy to our day-to-day tasks. Here’s how Gensuite kicked off Mobile for compliance and management software.

2012: Gensuite has been evangelizing Mobile since 2012, with our product development team engaged in leading the mobile charge for compliance management applications since the days of the Pocket PC. As Mobile applications continue to evolve, Gensuite has kept up with the latest in modern mobile technology to allow for continuous improvement. Our Gensuite team recognizes the value of environmental, health and safety (EHS) mobile capabilities for everyday users and have an entire department dedicated to the development of our mobile app. Forward-thinkers set us apart from other mobile EHS software programs, creating an app that is always on the cutting-edge of EHS mobile technology, with users’ needs in mind.

2016: In 2016, we teamed together with subscribers to innovate and revamp Gensuite Mobile to provide even greater benefit to users. We took a collaborative approach, incorporating user feedback and advice from industry experts to improve ease of mobile application access. The goals: improve the mobile application operating platform and make it easier to navigate to the applications users know on desktop from devices they can’t put down.

Verdantix, an independent consulting firm in the EHS & Sustainability sector, conducted an EHS Software Mobile Apps Study in 2016 that presented different EHS mobile app providers to focus groups for feedback. This study reaffirmed many of our own takeaways from over the years about what users expect in Mobile EHS software:

  1. Interfaces should resemble everyday mobile apps
    2. Customers neither expect nor desire mobile functionality which mirrors web-based applications
    3. Customers expect permission-based user interfaces
    4. Interfaces should be simple and engaging and require minimal training
    5. Language and geolocation options should automatically update in the back end
    6. Mobile applications should be able to function in an offline environment

Verdantix, EH&S Software Mobile Apps Study by Stuart Neumann, Director, Advisory Services
Jordan Nadian, Industry Analyst

The Verdantix study also showcased features of current EHS mobile applications that focus groups found most useful.

  1. Reporting pages provide exactly what users need from a mobile app
    2. Excellent, simple interface
    3. Useful multilingual capabilities

With a good thing already going, how has Gensuite improved our Mobile application? We took it to the people who use it most to find what they wanted to see changed.

In May 2016, the Gensuite team collected survey feedback from subscribers, detailing the changes they wanted to see. The two greatest improvements that users wanted were an interface redesign and performance improvements, including faster processing time and more intuitive navigation.

2017 and Into the Future: Between May and October, our team worked hard to revamp the app to meet these needs. Some of the challenges that we faced with development included testing and communicating the new application launch to thousands of Gensuite users. After months of testing on different mobile devices (including phones and tablets on all mobile platforms), inviting Gensuite users to pilot and advocate the program to their teams and making final tweaks based on pilot feedback, Gensuite released the new and improved Gensuite Mobile by Halloween – this time opening up the offering to expand beyond Apple and Android devices and to also include Windows device compatibility!

So, how is Gensuite Mobile different from the old ‘Gensuite On-the-Go’ app? We answered user concerns by creating a reimagined interface, intuitive enough for employees who have never used Gensuite on a desktop to handle. With access to features such as the Quick Response scanner, Action Log, Offline Capabilities, simple dashboard reports, help resources, and snappier navigation, the app is now easier to use than ever before. Even with the official launch of the new Gensuite Mobile, our team continues to enhance the app to best benefit users. With the mobile homepage in order, our team plans to overhaul individual action pages next, making the familiar designs available on desktop simplified for mobile.


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