The Good Egg: Producing Quality Products with Gensuite Quality Management Software

The Good Egg: Producing Quality Products with Gensuite Quality Management Software

If you’ve ever seen Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, surely you remember Veruca Salt and the “Educated Eggdicator” (in case this heart-warming cinema favorite slipped your attention, here’s the scene). The fictional story rings true to real life when compared to quality management. We either come across high quality products (good eggs) or poor-quality products (bad eggs).

While there are costs related to ensuring good quality products and services (establishing processes, audits, training, etc.), the cost of bad quality is even greater. Poor quality production includes: money wasted on scrap materials, reworking costs, product returns, warranties, product recalls, and poor quality loses customers.

In order to prevent “bad eggs” from causing company losses, more leading companies are deploying Quality Management Software (QMS) for defect capture and issue resolution. As a testament to the power of effective digital tools for quality management, I spoke with Mike Melnyk, the Senior Quality Director at thyssenkrupp, an elevator technology company, to get an inside look at the success his company has found from using Gensuite for their quality program implementation.

According to Melnyk, before using Gensuite, quality employees at thyssenkrupp had to wait until the end of the day to manually log issues on an excel sheet. The leadership team knew that this tedious system had to change but was initially hesitant. The company began developing its own internal quality IT management systems, but these ultimately did not meet the mark, so they decided to explore using an external service provider to handle their needs. To ensure that all stakeholders were involved in the decision-making process, their leadership team conducted polls to see which of their employees would be most interested in using tools for defect capture and issue resolution and what they wanted to see in a system. They then reviewed the spectrum of QMS IT systems on the market to see which program would best serve their users.

After deliberating with stakeholders, thyssenkrupp chose Gensuite Quality Management Software for their quality needs. The system needed to be easy to use, as it would be deployed enterprise-wide and used by thousands of workers. They also required a system with Mobile capabilities, so it could be available in the actual operating areas in facilities where quality is managed. thyssenkrupp chose Gensuite because of its coverage of these important aspects offered cross-functional representation and integrated tools to manage multiple quality management program needs.

Gensuite QMS software provides tools that track and provide intel to improve quality efforts across multiple sites. This helps companies across the globe meet quality program and product expectations, conform to certification systems under ISO 9001, and deliver to customer standards.

When Melnyk and his team needed to see the same quality metrics and performance results they were once preparing manually, our services team worked closely with them to define and build custom reports. Our team delivers in both product and service excellence for any quality program. According to Mike Melnyk, “Gensuite is not just a quality tool, it’s your tool.”

The thyssenkrupp team first piloted and tested Gensuite in February 2016. The system was then configured to best suit the business based on feedback from the pilot, and was fully released in March 2016. When it came to launch and training, the Gensuite team exceeded the customer’s expectations – training 1,400 employees compared to the originally planned 700.

Employees were eager to learn about the system and many had positive reactions, with comments including, “This is the best thing thyssenkrupp has ever put out!” As a result of a successful launch and training, quality employees at thyssenkrupp can now easily log issues and drive corrective actions with complete visibility to issues at all sites. Since March, 1,500 issues have been logged, meaning even greater quality improvements.

It’s easy to have an “I Want It NOW” attitude like Veruca and push out products as quickly as possible to make a profit, but the cost of moving poor quality products will have a negative effect. Gensuite’s Quality Management Software Applications tailor to your business-specific quality programs, cultures and risk profiles so that you can choose a system that best suits your business needs. Do you have a “bad egg” problem? You can change that by deploying Gensuite!


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