The Future of Training Software in a Mobile World

The Future of Training Software in a Mobile World

As with many compliance-based activities, technology and compliance together are ushering an evolution for learning management. However, digital formats often collide with new realities in daily job tasks, working behaviors, habits, responsibilities and employee preferences. With these new realities come challenges in the implementation of employee training software and development programs. The future of training in a mobile world is one where businesses acknowledge these challenges and adapt so that employees can continue to learn, grow and have adequate instruction to work safely.

Life today is extremely mobile and fast-paced, creating a legion of employees who are often overwhelmed, distracted and eager to receive digestible information – and fast! In examining the way that learners are influenced by this increasingly mobile world, we can glean important insight about the state of mobile learning today, why mobile learning works, and some of the best mobile training solutions. At Gensuite, we’ve been keeping a close eye on these trends and setting our sites to increase options for on-the-go trainers and learners alike.

State of Mobile Learning Today

Only 1% of a typical workweek is dedicated to employee training development. It is not unrealistic to state that this statistic is partially attributed to the mode of training delivery options currently used. Classroom or instructor-led training still remains one of the most popular employee training techniques, despite numerous technological advances. Classroom learning is often time consuming and non-interactive. That is why many employers sill widely use the “hands-on” learning approach. Hands-on training allows employees to practice skills in real-time, but oftentimes this comes with the need for time invested in consistent coaching and trial-and-error.

Both classroom and hands-on training have positive and negative aspects. Combining them, however, with emerging mobile training and learning trends can have dramatic overall positive benefits to your workplace training development programs. In doing so, many employees can access a training program led by a tablet, computer, or smartphone, but have an instructor nearby who is receptive to questions. Oftentimes, these types of programs guide employees more easily into the hands-on experience – as mobile training has become more interactive with audio, video, stimulating graphics, and even virtual realities.

Despite the realm of possibilities, there are perceived deterrents to employing mobile learning solutions. Costs, security limitations, or the fear of change are just a few. It may seem like overcoming high costs and security-related issues are impossible, but as mobile learning becomes more wide-spread, these issues will be less problematic.

Why Mobile Learning Works (Even for Compliance)

Beyond the benefits of combining your training methods, mobile learning works for several reasons. Even employee compliance training reaps key benefits to mobile learning. If you train your employees for compliance, you understand that regulations are always on the rise. It can be time consuming to constantly train employees on new regulations to stay intact under the scrutiny of law enforcement and your customers. Mobile learning helps with all training, though. Here’s how:

  • Custom eLearning can be designed with specific regulatory training needs and organizational objectives in mind. It can also be updated and upgraded easily with changing business needs, and is more cost effective as courses can be re-run or re-purposed over time.
  • Gamification of compliance training has proven highly effective and is being adopted by many organizations as an alternative to more traditional methods of training. In addition to providing an enjoyable and interactive learning experience, it motivates and gives confidence to employees in their training.
  • BYOD (Bring your own device) training is a less expensive mobile training method. With this method, employees and employers can use personal devices to access training materials. Employees can complete training at a steady pace, as they feel comfortable and time permits.

The benefits of mobile learning extend far and wide. Whether you choose to combine your training methods, or opt for mobile-only methods, you’ll experience benefits from both. And as technology in this area continues to evolve, so does the list of benefits and types of mobile training options. The only question that remains is – what options of training software and programs will work best for you?

Mobile Learning Recommendations

There are several methods and options that can help you transition mobile training. No matter your mission, there is an alternative that will work for you. Here are some recommendations of the most beneficial solutions.

  • Adaptive learning is an educational method which uses computers as interactive teaching devices, and to orchestrate the allocation of human and mediated resources according to the unique needs of each learner.
  • Microlearning is a way of teaching and delivering content to learners in small, very specific bursts. The learners are in control of what and when they’re learning.
  • Select the right content provider to best suit your needs. Not all workplaces are the same; and not all content is created equal. Do the research, ask for preview access to training content material and involve multiple user types in the content provider selection process.
  • Seek mobile solutions for trainers and administrators to ensure your program is effective and sustainable. Gensuite Employee Training Software provides a framework for training leads to structure and deliver regulatory and program-specific training with training assignments made based on role and job activities. Administrators can access all learning configurations on a mobile device, and trainers can take quick actions such as log completions for classroom/in-person training sessions.
  • Proven training applications. The Employee Training Software suite comes equipped with the Gensuite Training Tracker application. This has been used by compliance leaders since 1999 with users from 39 subscribing companies, spanning 2,000 locations in 65 countries. Over 75,000 courses and 2.3 million requirements are managed in Training Tracker each year.
  • Enhanced with subscriber recommendations. With Training Tracker’s incredible footprint, we’ve had the privilege to hear from our subscriber community about how we can constantly improve the application. Current subscribers say they could benefit from training modules designed for the mobile device, for an easier way to log completions on-the-go. Soon the application will be enhanced so users can digitally enter training attendance from a sign-in sheet through a QR code scanner.

We are all learners. Many of us have responsibilities for making sure that the people we work with are well-informed and adequately prepared, and many of us must be trained to be adequately prepared for our jobs. We can all learn collectively from advances in technology and the correlating societal impacts. Technology is changing the face of compliance training, and we are already seeing mobile solutions advancing past major obstacles, meaning training benefits for all.


le we work with are well-informed and adequately prepared, and many of us must be trained to be adequately prepared for our jobs. We can all learn collectively from advances in technology and the correlating societal impacts. Technology is changing the face of compliance training, and we are already seeing mobile solutions advancing past major obstacles, meaning training benefits for all.


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