The Connected Worker Mobilizes and Empowers People to Reduce Risk and Improve Safety

The Connected Worker Mobilizes and Empowers People to Reduce Risk and Improve Safety

Connected Worker

Digital Transformation and the new definition of the connected worker is a powerful, cross-industry trend disrupting business models, optimizing performance and creating competitive advantage for those companies that embrace it. The wave of digital disruption presents environment, health and safety (EHS) business leaders with an opportunity to leverage advanced technologies to lead and add business value with fresh approaches and new insights.

Companies that apply innovative digital technologies to solve EHS problems recognize the promise of predictive and prescriptive risk management, and achieve step-change performance improvement. To date, most companies have focused digitalization investments on using asset- and operations-related data to improve core operational processes such as asset reliability, energy management, and produc­tion efficiency.

There is tremendous untapped potential to apply digital tech­nologies to engage employees with their work environment and operational management systems. Technologies such as intelligent wearables, proximity beacons, and smart connected devices together with mobile applications enable the connected worker. This report focuses on how advanced technologies including the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) can improve risk management, EHS performance and workforce engagement.

Discover how you can optimize your work environment through mobilization and connectivity in the latest eBook co-published by Gensuite and LNS Research. This eBook also provides recommendations for EHS business leaders to bring digital innovation to their organization with low risk and significant benefits. Click here to download your free copy today.



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