The Arrival of Sustainability: Takeaways from the Environmental Leader & Energy Manager Conference 2018

The Arrival of Sustainability: Takeaways from the Environmental Leader & Energy Manager Conference 2018

The 2018 Environmental Leader Environment & Energy Leaders Conference (ELEMCON) was a tremendous opportunity to speak with energy and sustainability leaders and to share my perspectives on innovation. Having attended many sustainability-focused events over the years, I believe sustainability may have finally arrived.

The State of Sustainability

With nearly 20 years of sustainability program experience, I’ve witnessed its evolution from company afterthought to public relations opportunity to its role in establishing a competitive advantage. I recall not so long ago (and even today), companies creating roles such as Vice Presidents of Sustainability and Chief Sustainability Officers only to leave those folks with little to no resources to make impactful change.  This year’s ELEMCON marked a transition to the next phase in sustainability’s evolution – corporate imperative. Pockets of the investment community now view sustainability in a similar light as financial performance and the shift is growing across the broader community. That signifies a fundamental shift in how companies view sustainability. It’s likely those newly created roles will now have the resources they need to make a change.

During this year’s ELEMCON, there were several sessions that brought leaders from a number of diverse industries together, where they were able to share their ideas, their experiences and their innovations with an engaged audience. Sessions like Design for Sustainability and Using Sustainability to Strengthen Your Business showcased the impact sustainability has on our workforce. Collaboration Throughout the Supply Chainand Procurement and Renewable Energies were informative sessions that each provided practical insight into real strategies solving real problems.

I was given the opportunity to speak on our innovation experience over the past 15+ years, one marked by continuous evolution and incremental innovation in alignment with our customer/partner community which spans the EHS & Sustainability landscape. For the Gensuite Subscriber Community, innovation has always been about finding new and better ways to engage folks on the front lines in advancing sustainability, safety, and performance at a personal level – new or improved tools but the same mission. That continues today.

Innovation is Awarded

Of course, we can’t mention this year’s ELEMCON without also discussing the Top Product of the Year, awarded to us for our Eco/Sustainability solution. Gensuite is honored to be selected and thrilled that the judges’ panel, which included representatives from companies like Kellogg, Tesla, and more, recognized the impact of this innovation.

The Eco/Sustainability solution is a comprehensive platform that enables comprehensive sustainability program management, helping companies align corporate goals with action and results at the facility level, globally.

Over 600 sites and 90+ companies have deployed the Eco/Sustainability solution to:

·        Establish corporate sustainability goals and operational framework

·        Streamline data collection for individual sites, globally

·        Conduct analyses of consumption, costs and emission data

·        Identify, quantify, and evaluate opportunities for reduction and sharing of best practices across sites

·        And more!

The Gensuite Future

The Environmental Leaders & Energy Managers Conference was rewarding. Having spent 15+ years in the sustainability space, it is exciting to take part in its evolution as we continue to work with the Gensuite subscriber community to innovate the space. More to share at ELEMCON 2019!


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