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Gensuite integrates technology with compliance and management software systems such as EHS&S to deliver robust processes, best practice sharing, data & knowledge bases, insights & decision support, and metrics & performance measures. Together with Gensuite, let us intelligently enable frontier tech to transform compliance management systems to maximize their enterprise value, and ensure a safe and healthy workplace!

Frontier Tech Line-up

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Gensuite virtual assistant

Smart Glasses

Remote presence and augmented reality capabilities


Information and alerts in proximity paired with Gensuite Mobile

Analytics & Machine Learning

Predictive performance intelligence and AI-analytics

Image Recognition

Artificial intelligence for object/hazard identification

Integrate Gensuite Frontier Technology for Smart and Connected Workforce and Compliance Management Software
Integrate Gensuite Frontier Technology Like Beacons, Analytics and Image Recognition for Smart and Connected Workforce and Compliance Management Software

Get Excited About the Future of Software and Technology!

What does the future of the EHS compliance & management system market look like?

The market has rapidly grown over the last 20 years and is driven by major business elements such as process standardization, according to a leading global industry analyst, Verdantix. Gensuite foresees the next generation of compliance & management software as applications integrating with various frontier technologies such as AI, augmented reality and IoT, providing transformative benefits to the processes and programs.

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