Talking About the Biggest Conference of the Year (Podcast)

Talking About the Biggest Conference of the Year (Podcast)

The Voice of Gensuite Podcast, starring:

Amanda Petzinger – Senior Director of Growth & Customer Experience

Brittany O’Bryan – Senior Leader, Corporate

As we come up on a year since the first Voice of Gensuite episode, we’re back to the first topic we’ve ever covered, our annual Gensuite Conference!

This year, we brought back Brittany O’Bryan from that inaugural episode, along with our expert Amanda Petzinger, to discuss what makes this upcoming 2019 conference something to look forward to! Titled, BREAKTHROUGH, this year’s Gensuite Conference will be exploring new ideas and exciting Frontier technologies that will bring us and our subscribers to brand new heights.

Tune in to learn why you should be excited and learn more about the Gensuite Conference by visiting our webpage HERE.


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