Take the Hot Potato out of Product Stewardship with Gensuite

Take the Hot Potato out of Product Stewardship with Gensuite

Product stewardship is an environmental management strategy used by companies to minimize product impact throughout all stages of a products’ life cycle. Each year, the product stewardship life cycle grows more complex as companies develop new products – and the complexity continues as new regulations rise simultaneously.

With these new regulations popping up in every country and jurisdiction, it often requires the responsibility of employees across different functions and disciplines to ensure the safety of a product. From environmental, health and safety (EHS), sourcing and procurements, engineering, legal, sales, and even marketing—Product Stewardship is the oftentimes the “hot potato” in most organizations.

But there is a solution. How can you take the “hot potato” out of product stewardship” – that is, those safety risks, incidents, and product complexities, to make the product stewardship process as simple as possible? Gensuite can help you do the following to make product stewardship easier.

Create a Cross-Functional Culture

By creating a cross-functional culture, an organization is creating an open dialogue for employees with different disciplines to communicate throughout its platform. For instance, if you work in sourcing and procurement, you have to be able to interact with suppliers. Or, as an engineer trying to develop a new product, you will need to know the right materials to use.

Being able to successfully communicate across different tiers of your product team will ensure that more compliance and safety measures are met and understood. This is where Gensuite comes in. Gensuite offers the tools to help facilitate a cross-functional coordination that will enable each group to do what they need to do, and communicate seamlessly!

Gensuite’s Product Compliance Center application (PCC) has managed 648,836 distinct items with 51,105 suppliers successfully contacted, and that’s just the list for our top 3 PCC subscribers.

Implement Software Stewardship
The product life cycle has many different stops. Gensuite developed a user-friendly, Cloud-based Web applications platform that makes reaching out to thousands of suppliers to validate information as easy as a “click of a button.” Now endless spreadsheets and projects that once took an army to produce are automated through tools. Gensuite’s comprehensive suite of tools enable organizations to identify, report, manage, and minimize the sometimes arduous tasks and EHS impacts associated with the manufacture, composition, distribution, use and disposal of products.

Gensuite’s software tools help support cross-functional teams and enable integrated compliance management. It has been recognized by Verdantix, an independent research and advisory firm, for its Product Stewardship solutions, innovation and ability to streamline supplier engagement and report across multiple regulatory priorities.

Hire a Seasoned Provider
Gensuite has been helping its customers manage compliance for over twenty years, with roots in EHS and Product Stewardship in its DNA. “Gensuite’s Product Compliance Center application (PCC) has managed over 650,000+ distinct items and been used by 50,000+ suppliers to-date. We pride ourselves on understanding our customers’ needs and developing software solutions that work to meet those needs,” said Donavan Hornsby, VP & Strategy Business Development Executive at Gensuite.

If you follow the tips above, you’ll find yourself on the path to taking the “hot potato” out of product stewardship and on your way to a more simplified product stewardship process!


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