Sweet on Gensuite: Speed Date Our Compliance and Management Software Solutions

Sweet on Gensuite: Speed Date Our Compliance and Management Software Solutions

Are you searching for a business compliance and management software system, but haven’t found “the one” yet? Our experts at Gensuite say you should get to know your options before making a commitment. At Gensuite we work closely with you to help you find success. We get to know our customers’ programs and processes to build the right system for them, and build lasting relationships with them. Join a community of now 170+ strong with over 600,000 users! Learn about our beloved tools and the core functions we serve in 100 words or less, in this round of Gensuite speed dating!

1.) EHS & Sustainability – staying true in sickness and in health

Gensuite Environmental, Health & Safety and Sustainability (EHS&S) software systems keep workers safe and track injuries & illnesses. Beyond Incident Management data, EHS&S tools house Safety Programs & ProceduresAudit & Compliance Assurance and more. Gensuite’s first applications fell under the EHS umbrella, and these same apps remain some of the most popular to date. With EHS&S software, you can achieve compliance, manage safety, ensure business sustainability and conduct trainings, all connected through one program. Though our products aren’t limited to EHS&S…

2.) We know the importance of Quality time

Consumers prefer quality over quantity. Our Quality Management System allows companies to deliver on those customer expectations, while meeting regulatory standards such as ISO 9001. Gensuite’s Quality Management offers a central system to store and communicate common issues and improvements across the entire organization. Give the people what they want with Gensuite Quality Management.

3.) It’s all about Security

You want to find a compliance and management software system that you can rely on for years to come. Gensuite is that system. Gensuite’s Security Program is agile enough to keep up with rising security risks and powerful enough to depend on. Our Security Management Software provides visibility to physical and digital dangers through meaningful data and analytics dashboards and detailed reports. With Gensuite, you stay secure.

4.) Commitment to Responsible Sourcing

It’s important to demonstrate commitment toward good corporate citizenship to protect your employees and company reputation. With Gensuite, companies can manage their programs to align with labor standards and environment, health and safety regulations to preserve safety and sustainability. Gensuite Responsible Sourcing simplifies communications and tracking across global supply chains so you can manage supply chain practices responsibly.

5.) We value Product Stewardship

In a relationship, values matter. At Gensuite, we value the importance of protecting this planet, therefore we offer comprehensive tools to minimize companies’ environmental impacts. Our Product Stewardship program helps companies reduce their carbon footprint throughout the entire production lifecycle, meeting reduction goals and achieving compliance with REACHRoHS and Conflict Minerals and other global regulations. Choose Gensuite to protect this planet and strengthen company values.

6.) Bonus Round: Gensuite’s winning traits

Quick to launch. One winning trait that our applications possess is the ability to launch fast. Gensuite’s pre-configured, compliance-centric READY solution can fully launch in as quickly as 2 weeks!

Multilingual enabled. Have global operations? Not a problem for us. Our products are multilingual enabled and our team spans the entire globe—250+ team members across nine global locations—to support your sites in-person and in local language.

Mobile. Gensuite Mobile with offline capabilities allows users to take Gensuite tools where they need them most—meaning compliance and management anywhere, anytime.

Affordable. Achieving compliance and business management doesn’t have to break the bank. Gensuite understands that not all EHS&S programs are alike, which is why we offer a flexible software solution that’s attainable for any company budget.

What sets us apart from other providers is our commitment to Customer Service. And it shows! Gensuite subscribers confess their love in the form of referrals, which is why 91% of subscribers choose to stay and why nearly 80% of Gensuite’s growing subscriber base is based or advanced by previous users and referrals. From a track record of 100% on time launches, on and offline training, regular follow up and around the clock support, Gensuite is always available and ready to help.

Your search for a partner in compliance and business management systems has borne fruit: Gensuite is your answer! Our team consults with global companies to match their needs to our tools, helping potential customers discover the value in the Gensuite’s solution. Our products and services are configurable and extensible, meaning a near perfect match every time, with the ability to grow with you. With 20 years of experience in business compliance and risk management systems implementation, our team truly understands how to best serve you. Interested in our solutions? Submit an inquiry or get a Free Trial!



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