Successful Global Compliance and Management Systems Application Training Launch

Successful Global Compliance and Management Systems Application Training Launch

Do you need to launch environmental, health and safety (EHS), sustainability, quality or another management software application across your global company, but are unsure of how to start? Unifying a global team with compliance and management systems software can be a rewarding, yet challenging task to take on–but with the right system and customer service team at your side, your launch is a sure success. How can you ensure a successful global compliance and management systems application training launch?

Recently, the Gensuite team partnered with a subscriber that needed to integrate 350 global sites from a business acquisition. This Gensuite needed to get their new EHS leaders up to speed on core Gensuite applications quickly. Through the use of multiple delivery methods, including in-person hands-on training, web-sharing presentations, and hands-on exercises, Gensuite effectively trained hundreds of 250 site leads over the course of 12 weeks.

Gensuite conducted 7 training sessions covering the following Gensuite applications: Site Management Tools, Contacts & Permissions, Incidents & MeasurementsAction Tracking SystemCompliance Calendar, Profiler, and Gensuite Mobile. With Gensuite taking the lead on planning, delivering, and tracking the launch training, the Integration Leaders in the subscribing business were able to focus on other aspects of the integration, such as organizational structure and completion of due-diligence audits.

The training sessions included 18 call groups that accommodated participants located in various regions which resulted in 126 training calls and approximately 200 hours of training, reaching an average of 250 participants per training session. In addition to the training calls, Gensuite developed training materials and videos available for download to users who were unable to make a session or who wanted a quick refresher.

As a result, the Gensuite integration training program delivered to the business:

  • More than 600 Tasks being added to Compliance Calendar
  • More than 1,100 Findings added to Action Tracking System
  • More than 7,500 Site/Information attributes being updated

Gensuite will partner with you to establish a strategy of incorporating your business expectations into your launch plan. With our expertise in implementation and ongoing support, Gensuite can customize and coordinate training of applications by evaluating the size and scope of your implementation. One happy customer stated, “The (Gensuite) training was very well done, professionally presented, and effective. The trainers did an excellent job, and we are very grateful for their guidance and assistance through this entire process. It has been “first class” to be sure!”

The Gensuite Team goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction by setting you up for success. Its ability to deliver to subscribers has been proven with 100% on-time customer go-live targets, with sites launching in as quickly as 4 weeks! Implementing an IT solution for your business processes doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Work with Gensuite to make it a quick and easy process!

Whether your organization is large or small, Gensuite will help you every step of the way until you feel as confident as they do. Call on Gensuite to put together an implementation and training strategy to fit your roll out needs. Schedule a call today!



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