Subcontractor Software: Streamlining management of relationships, tasks, and safety performance

Subcontractor Software: Streamlining management of relationships, tasks, and safety performance

Subcontractor software, contractor management software

It is common for companies to outsource experts to facilitate specific projects; however, subcontractor firms can pose as an additional layer of risk to your operations. How can you establish a standardized program to collaborate, track, and investigate subcontractors and incidents across your entire business? Look no further than Gensuite’s Contractor Manager software application: the comprehensive management software providing detailed subcontractor insights from pre-screening to project tracking and safety performance.

What Does Subcontractor Software Do?

When subcontracting outside firms, it’s important to establish a process to standardize management of those firms. It begins with choosing the right firm for the job while also being able to track their progress on the project from beginning to end, thus ensuring safety and compliance throughout the time the contractor firm is on site.

Gensuite’s Contractor Manager is a centralized subcontractor software solution for conducting necessary safety pre-qualifications, tracking project safety performance, assigning action items, dashboarding safety performance, and maintaining a repository of safety qualified subcontractors. Most importantly, Contractor Manager aims to enhance contractor safety performance by gathering insights through contractor inspections and observations and leveraging them to proactively mitigate safety risks and contractor incidents.

Equipped with powerful mobile functionality and intelligent email and push notifications, subcontractor management software digitizes and integrates contractor management – enabling your team to create and maintain a centralized repository of contractor firms, conduct pre-qualifications, track active projects and assignments and ensure that safety always remains a priority with real-time Injury & Illness and action item monitoring.

Gensuite’s Contractor Manager allows users to:

  • Lookup firms using a shared company-wide repository
  • Conduct contractor safety pre-qualifications electronically and set reminder dates for firm re-qualification email notifications
  • Monitor and track safety performance metrics, including Incidents & Illness (I&I) metrics, for each contractor firm and project
  • Follow action items by contractor firm and assign responsibilities with instant email notifications
  • Log training and certification records for contractor employees using the Contractor Employee Tracker and configure course & employee record types
  • Field Observations capture onsite contractor-related safety issues and hazards with focused selection of at-risk acts & conditions
  • Review key business analytics from the Contractor Manager homepage

Streamlining Safety Performance with Subcontractor Software 

Download our Product Brief below to learn more about how Gensuite’s Contractor Manager streamlines management of subcontractor firms and worker safety through a centralized software solution.


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