Gensuite Product Stewardship: Streamlining Supplier Due Diligence & Advancing Product Compliance Programs

Gensuite Product Stewardship: Streamlining Supplier Due Diligence & Advancing Product Compliance Programs

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How can you enable product compliance across your entire business with global manufacturing operations? Gensuite designed a solution: the Product Steward application module, housed within Gensuite’s Product Stewardship application suite. There was a strong need for global industry leaders and manufacturers to streamline and standardize the way they engaged with their suppliers. Therefore, one company deployed the application to address supplier challenges using a single digitized tool.


What does Gensuite Product Steward do?

Product stewardship and product compliance begin with reducing your product’s carbon footprint, while ensuring regulatory compliance with REACH, RoHS, Conflict Minerals and more. Deploying cross-functional programs to assure business continuity and compliance with these global product regulatory standards.

The Gensuite Product Stewardship platform streamlines product compliance programs and facilitates supply chain due diligence across global programs. Centralize and automate supplier data collection and product compliance tracking through a single tool that enables cross-functional collaboration and enables compliance management for evolving business priorities.

The Gensuite Product Steward application module provides an all-inclusive streamlined platform for product compliance teams to customize and manage supplier survey campaigns. Suppliers are also able to access an internet-based, supplier-facing web portal to easily complete surveys. Thus, enabling accurate and complete supplier information collection. Product Steward allows all users to:

  • Access pre-built online survey templates
  • Data mine & analyze supplier data through automatic excel data imports and CRMT (version 5 or above) uploads
  • Enable automatic assessments and display results for verification & approval
  • Conduct survey response and compliance analysis reports
  • Manage key assignments & follow-up for items/parts inventory, supplier list, bill of material etc.
  • Integration with business systems, such as an ERP or PLM, for automated and streamlined data sharing (e.g. new suppliers parts, compliance status)


Case Study

In the Gensuite Case Study below, you’ll discover how one Gensuite subscriber used Product Steward to improve their product compliance program with over 700 active suppliers!

Download Case Study

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