Gensuite integrates advanced technology, such as sensors and wearable devices, into our compliance and management systems to maximize insights, enterprise value, and ensure a safe and healthy workplace.

Internet of Things (IoT) integrations are changing the way organizations collect and report data, monitor and maintain equipment, and address and improve worker safety.  Gensuite works with a diverse network of partners to build integrated solutions for our customers to improve organizational performance.

Next-Level EHS
Performance with
Gensuite Frontier Technology

Download the Frontier Technology product brief to learn more.


Smart Beacons Bluetooth Proximity Device

Gensuite Mobile detects and receives signals when in the proximity of a beacon to trigger certain alerts, such as hazard notifications and equipment details.


Smart Glasses Hands-Free & Heads-Up Safety

Complete tasks more efficiently with digital displays that use gesture-enabled and voice-controlled commands to interact with digital workflow to access and conduct audits, lookup procedures and issues.



Wearable Safety Sensors

Wearable safety sensors track and monitor employees and assets, such as tools and equipment, delivering robust real-time data on critical safety, security, and operational functions.

Join Jenny Wei Yu, Gensuite Leader of Business Development, Strategy & Innovation and Paul Solitario, co-founder of Opal (International ThermoDyne Inc.), Gensuite’s IoT partner in wearable technology. During this presentation, we will discuss about the value propositions, use cases, how Opal can be tied into Gensuite platform and process to assist Connected Worker, as well as examples of its reported data and insights.


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