Starting Your Career While Working From Home

Starting Your Career While Working From Home

Work from Home

While the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has put many things at a halt such as weddings, graduation ceremonies, and traveling plans there are still graduates and professionals seeking fulfilling career optionsWith all the uncertainty around work, human resource professionals have focused on making the transition into a new career as seamless as possible for new hiresWith new changes and accommodations to make for a supportive and welcoming environment, there is silver lining in working from home.  

Hiring Process During a Pandemic 

Q: How would you describe the hiring process during Covid-19? 

A: A strong human resource (HR) team will try to keep it as normal as possible for the future candidates and scale its process to align with the “new norms” and virtual world we are all in right now. By utilizing our own software “Interview Stream produced by Gensuite in place of a phone interview we can put a focus on flexibilityAlthough in-person meetings are not happening, video interviews and virtual webcam sharing has kept the interview process still very interactive.  

Q: How do you motivate people to seek employment at Gensuite or in general during this difficult time? 

A: This is done by spreading the word! Social posts and communicating company perks and benefits are a key part of the recruitment processThrough a variety of posts on multiple platforms, Gensuite aims to reach a large audience with a variety of experience and skills. Also, referral base is a great way to build the team with like-minded talent. We are continuously interviewing and filling our team with new candidates that will work well with the rest of our team. Covid-19 is not holding us back from growing and reaching our full potential as a company! 

Q: What challenges have you or your recent recruits had to face during this pandemic? 

A: Not being able to have new team members in the office for immediate face to face time, can come with its own set of challenges – but a sound training program and engaged leadership is key to successful onboarding. Working from home is the best and safest option for employees currently and Gensuite continues to accommodate to these safety measures.  

Q: On the other hand, have there been any alterations that have been positive or more convenient? 

A: Increasing touch time has been an advantage – staying even more connected virtually can be a challenge but new technology has simplified this for collaboration opportunities.   

 Accommodations Leading to Potentially Permeant Changes 

Q: Do you foresee any changes that were made during Covid-19 becoming permanent in the hiring process? 

A: For the new hire process, they want to make sure touch time between managers and team members is continued. Working from home can sometimes have employees feeling isolated, however, leadership has made themselves available for employees more than ever. Establishing a strong relationship and trust within the first 90 days is critical now and in the future. Additionally, putting more of an emphasis on the mental health of the team and a focus on work-life balance. Our employees are a priority and this pandemic has allowed us to focus even more on how to make a work environment more favorable for them. 

Motivating Remotely: Stay Engaged While Working from Home 

Q: How do you continue to motivate and engage current employees during this pandemic and your remote work mandate? 

A: We plan to prioritize the health and safety of the team and ensure the remote mandate stays in place until there is a safer time to return in office. There is a large emphasis to make sure the environment is safe. Having an established schedule for training, team engagement calls, mental health seminars, and internal team building activities all from a virtual landscape ensure the team stays connected and strong.  

Gensuite is here to help you jump start or continue your career. Pursue opportunities by working from home and working with a great team that cares about you and your successes. Apply today at 

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