Starting 2019 Feeling Recharged (Podcast)

Starting 2019 Feeling Recharged (Podcast)

The Voice of Gensuite Podcast, starring:

Natasha Porter – Gensuite EVP & Customer Development Officer

Vijay Alluru – VP & Product Management Executive

Mia Vetter – Managing Program Director of IT & Fulfillment Services

Maria Garcia – Senior Project Manager of IT & Fulfillment Services

2019 is here and we’re starting if off feeling recharged with the Gensuite Application Recharge! Since its inception, the Recharge has been all about bringing new life to our solutions through faster speeds and new ideas.

That’s why this month’s episode of the Voice of Gensuite is bringing together a team of leaders who all had a big part in the ongoing Recharge process to talk about their involvement with this ever-evolving project. Learn what Recharge is doing, how our customers are getting involved and how we’re continuing to Recharge our apps into the future in this month’s episode.

Listen to our latest episode and check out previous episodes to get ready for 2019!


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