Smart Glasses Throughout the Decade (Infographic)

Smart Glasses Throughout the Decade (Infographic)

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In the digitized world of modern day, technology has become a bigger part of our daily lives than ever before. With a large part of the population surrounded by touch screens, fingerprint and face ID, and wireless capabilities on a daily basis, it’s easy to see that the tech frontier is accelerating at an unparalleled rate. Riding this wave of innovation is the multifaceted market of wearable technology. A market that, in recent history, has been quietly changing how we use our technology every day. 

Many of us think of wearables as our FitBits or Apple Watches, fitness tracking devices, or even just accessories. Beyond this surface perception, however, wearable technology holds a world of capability that has been left mostly untapped by the large part of consumers. Despite this common perception, wearable tech has made its way into the workplace – changing, improving, and innovating the way we do our jobs. Among this wearable revolution, one type of wearable technology in particular is really getting us excited for the future of this innovation. 

Smart Glasses, a hands-free, voice-activated method of data storage, are one of the most capable new innovations in the world of smart, wearable technology. They hold the ability to connect workers and equip them with smartphone capabilities through voice activation within the workplace, allowing them to stay connected and synchronized all hands-free. These capabilities will create a workplace environment that allows for quicker job completion, easier integration between departments, and more universally accessible data. 

The history of wearable technology is full of potential, and the future is pushing hard to reach it. With technology like smart glasses, the workplace can be changed for the better, to a degree that it has never seen before. Find out what some of the biggest moments in the short history of Smart Glasses have been and explore where the future lies with Gensuite: 


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