Smart Glasses- Humble Beginnings and the Emerging Future

Smart Glasses- Humble Beginnings and the Emerging Future

2012 brought the promise of Smart Glasses to the world with Google Glass, the technology seemed like it would become just as common as the cellphones that were filling up our pockets.

Since its increased use in the field, Gensuite has seen the potential of Smart Glasses as an effective tool and has already started to explore and refine the possibilities we have with this technology. Namely, our teams of experienced developers are looking to take advantage of its hands-free features, cameras and internet connectivity to enable efficient workflow and advanced features for frontline workers as well as functional teams such as assessment or auditing teams in the field as a powerful extension to Gensuite’s cloud-based compliance and risk management software. But we have to keep in mind, this is a relatively new technology and fresh market with many challenges we have to consider and overcome.

As we’ve been piloting this new technology, we’ve discovered all of the areas where Smart Glasses still need to improve and have been active in looking for solutions. Issues like making sure that the Smart Glasses are seamlessly integrated with company management software systems, intrinsically safe, making sure they’re comfortable for the user to wear for extended periods of time, ensuring the battery life will last for an efficient amount of time and providing a stable WIFI connection at the workplace are all important for utilizing Smart Glasses and maximizing its values. It certainly sounds like a lot, especially since there are many more factors that need to be considered. But the truth is, as we learned through our pilot testing, most of these problems have reasonable solutions already. It may be a common thought that Smart Glasses are still too early to deploy, but in actuality, this technology is tested and more readily available than you may think, proceeding fast in the technology adoption curve!

As well as those challenges quickly being resolved, the features that this technology is touting are far from just being in alpha for beta stages. HD cameras, speakers, microphones, smart assistants and files shared throughout a company’s network are all being accessed all with voice commands that work virtually instantly. This hands-free aspect of Smart Glasses is why this technology so intriguing. It allows for a less distracted worker who is still capable of using both of their hands while having a tool that provides them with vital information. And the first intrinsically safe glasses, like the HMT-1Z1, are innovating the technology to be used in the harshest work conditions and still work without a hitch.

Specifically, some of the features that Gensuite has been working on bringing to our subscribers include using HD cameras for uses like live video streaming for communicating with remote experts or simply taking hands-free pictures for audits. Cameras and an integrated screen can also mean augmented reality possibilities, giving users access to a repository of information and training instructions. We’re also looking forward to integrating Genny™, our virtual assistant, into Smart Glasses for easy hands-free access to all of Gensuite’s application modules.

The future of Smart Glasses is bright and closer for Gensuite than you think! Whether for equipment management, employee engagement, training or auditing needs, we strongly believe wearables like Smart Glasses are going to be a strong resource for countless industries.

Are you interested in our idea for the future? Learn what other Frontier Technologies we’re implementing and be sure to talk to our EHS experts for more information.



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