Simplify Equipment Inspections Using Mobile Inspection Management Software

Simplify Equipment Inspections Using Mobile Inspection Management Software

Inspection Management Software

Having a solid equipment inspections process is a major key to workplace safety. It is important to regularly evaluate all equipment to ensure that they are safe for employees to use. Equipment inspections also reveal opportunities to improve productivity and help to control equipment-related costs by proactively identifying repeated problems and issues, another major advantage to companies. And, equipment inspections are required by law, so deploying an effective process helps to prevent non-compliance fines. With so many benefits associated with these inspections, why are they so difficult to manage? The answer: it’s hard to track hundreds and even thousands of equipment manually.

A multinational conglomerate company in the entertainment & communications industry faced this exact challenge with their equipment inspections process. With over 2,000 pieces of equipment to manage across a large, amusement park environment, the company needed a solution that would streamline the overall inspections process. Read on to see how the company leveraged Gensuite Inspection Management Software to entirely digitize, streamline and ultimately improve their inspections process, from equipment tracking to conducting inspections and assigning findings to corrective actions!

The company determined that they wanted to deploy a mobile inspection management process. The Mobile inspection solution they were looking for needed to…

  • Simplify data entry, including specific documents, permits and procedures
  • Improve data consistency by eliminating Excel and paper inspection methods
  • Provide visibility to inspection assignment and completion
  • Incorporate barcode technology to speed the inspections process
  • Integrate reporting capabilities to instantly track inspection completions to closure


Selecting Gensuite’s Mobile Inspection Management Software

To simplify their equipment inspections process, the company deployed Gensuite’s Equipment Tracker and Inspection Tool, housed under the Equipment Maintenance suite, in combination with innovative barcode scanning capabilities.

Equipment Tracker enables users to manage their entire equipment inventory; track specific details including location, part numbers and standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Inspection Management Tool allows users to conduct Mobile equipment inspections for operational, safety & compliance needs; author customized checklists, assign auditors and set inspections schedules.

The company can manage all equipment within Gensuite using Equipment Tracker and Inspection Tool, and further streamlines their inspections process by leveraging Gensuite Mobile. Gensuite Mobile enables the company to complete inspections offline and has integrated barcode technology to allow users to easily scan equipment and instantly receive data. Any findings can then easily be logged into Action Tracking System for corrective action.

What were the results?

  • 2,900+ inspections conducted over 24 months
  • Time saved from transitioning to a digitized and streamlined inspection solution
  • Offline Mobile capabilities enable users to complete equipment inspections uninterrupted

The company identified the following keys to success when deploying a Mobile equipment inspection solution:

  • Ensure all equipment is appropriately tagged to the correct scope within Gensuite for accurate datamining
  • Properly train employees to use the Gensuite Mobile application
  • Have a leader on your team to advocate the system

At Gensuite, we are constantly working with our subscribers to deliver solutions that make their jobs easier. By deploying the latest in Mobile technology, we are able to offer equipment inspection tools that save users time, reduce costs, enable compliance and create a culture of safety excellence. We are proud to partner with companies like this company to continuously innovate and evolve to offer the Best in Tech to Environmental, Health and Safety and beyond. To learn more about how your company can mobilize your equipment inspections process, download the case study.


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