It’s Time to Simplify EHS Compliance & Management

It’s Time to Simplify EHS Compliance & Management

Managing compliance can be a daunting task, especially if you use Excel sheets to manage multiple systems. Simplify your EHS compliance to an easier, more comprehensive solution! With Gensuite, you can move away from Excel sheets and disparate platforms for your compliance and management programs and deploy cloud-based, holistic software with powerful capabilities such as data integrations to identify trends, cost-saving opportunities and mobile to simplify on-site processes.

Gensuite’s inclusive system covers functional areas in Environmental, Health & Safety and Sustainability (EHS&S), Quality, Security, Responsible Sourcing and Product Stewardship. With so many capabilities that are applicable to diverse industries, our solution is the only compliance and management software system that your company needs.

EHS & Sustainability

Gensuite leads the way in the global movement toward a safer, healthier, greener enterprise by engaging with EHS software solutions. Our field tested EHS&S software solutions can be used on a desktop, tablet, and Mobile to accelerate your programs. We also offer intuitive applications such as Audit & Compliance Assurance, Environmental Compliance, Incident Management and much more.


Quality management programs are important to your customer’s experience and to the economic and quality value of products and services. Gensuite’s cloud-based IT solutions tailor your business-specific quality programs, cultures and risk profiles so you can choose a program that best suits your business needs. Discover our flexible and customizable quality management system (QMS).


Protecting your employees and your business from security concerns does not need to be complex. Gensuite’s Security Management Software suite of applications streamlines the management of current risks, helping you anticipate future threats. These applications offer detailed reporting options and Mobile functionality, allowing you to have peace of mind anywhere and at any time.

Responsible Sourcing

Gensuite’s responsible sourcing software applications manage the client-supplier relationship for enhanced supply chain practices. As a business leader, it allows you to promote supplier engagement and conformance globally by integrating supplier profiles, risk assessments, audits, and performance dashboards all while incorporating environmental and social responsibility.

Product Stewardship

Minimize your product’s environmental impact all throughout its lifecycle through improved environmental and chemical management strategies. Our applications and software systems allow you to engage suppliers to provide critical information and documents via a cloud-based supplier portal. Our simplified systems can also help you leverage industry standards and monitor and track new and updated global regulations.

Gensuite’s comprehensive suite of cloud-based EHS Software Solutions delivers intuitive and robust best-practice based functionality, enabling compliance & management systems excellence across diverse industries. Gensuite solutions work together to make reporting easy by streamlining EHS reporting processes and by improving EHS management. When it comes to the people you are responsible for and the planet that we protect, you can’t afford to have a weak system. Let us make it simple for you. Explore our comprehensive solution today!





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