Safety First: Reducing Crime in the Workplace

Safety First: Reducing Crime in the Workplace

How to Prevent Crime at Workplace and Some Crime Prevention Tips in Workplace to Make Your Business Safer

October – the first full month of autumn, the unofficial host of Halloween, and bringer of candy and mischief. October is also National Crime Prevention Month – a topic that can be particularly scary for employers to consider. Unfortunately, $60 billion annually is lost due to employee theft, and employees can act as perpetrators of fraud and engage in other illegal activities during the workday. Workplace crime is frightening, but taking precautions can make your workplace safer and more secure.

Defend the Workplace

Theft occurs because opportunity exists – and technology can safeguard the workplace 24/7.

Consider Security Cameras – Regardless of industry, security cameras are one of the easiest ways to prevent workplace crime. Increased surveillance in the workplace also protects against loss prevention, and improves employee performance.

Install Access Control Systems –  Controlling access to offices, factories, and other facilities tremendously improves security. Modern access control systems allow employers to grant custom entry to employees based on security clearance and schedule. This restricts unwanted guests, while simultaneously tracking attendance and movement throughout the workplace.

Invest in Security Software – Secure your company’s future with agile security management. Gensuite’s cloud-based security management software allows you to manage risks and anticipate potential threats. Use Security Incident Reporting to record, track, and follow-up with security incidents and trends. Security Auditor allows you to assess and establish customized protocols and identify unsecure gaps.

Build a Secure Culture

Employees have the potential to act as eyes on the ground for your company to protect against internal and external threats.

Engage Employees –  Ensure that you’re utilizing all the tools at your disposal to gauge perceptions & collect information in the workplace. Provide employees with a quick way to share suggestions, security breaches, and potential issues with Concern Reporting software. Use Survey Engine to establish and track employee responses to safety and security perceptions.

Empower Communication – Empowering employees to speak out when they feel unsafe is a great way to increase engagement and trust in the workplace. Because a large percentage of workplace crime is perpetrated by company personnel, ensuring that staff has access to proper concern reporting channels improves communication and increases incident reporting.

Raise Awareness

Although company-wide defenses are integral in preventing workplace crime, raising awareness at a personal level can also be very effective.

Embrace Personal Safety – Encourage employees to lock up purses and personal belongings, rather than leaving them unattended. Employees working late? Encourage staff to work from home, or find a buddy to walk with.

Get Vocal – Raising awareness for safety and security can keep crime prevention present in the workplace. Putting up signage around the workplace encourages employees to report suspicious behavior, faulty locks & windows, and any other security breaches they may notice throughout the day.

Workplace crime is easily preventable with increased cyber security software, employee engagement, and fortified office defenses. Remember, the best offense is a good defense when it comes to creating a safer, crime-free workplace!





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