pSIF AI Advisor™

pSIF AI Advisor™

pSIF AI Advisor™ Product Brief

The pSIF AI Advisor™ empowers safety & operations teams to discover trends and identify SIF precursors in high-risk situations more quickly & accurately.

Key Benefits:

  • Accelerate the pSIF identification process by automatically comparing business data record descriptions to real-life scenarios that lead to a SIF
  • Quickly uncover hidden and emerging risks and SIF precursors within your organization by leveraging workplace fatality trends
  • Increase safety with advanced data insights powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms
  • Proactively reduce risk of pSIFs with intelligent analysis outputs compared to reactionary processes
  • Prioritize operational and systemic issues that have a greater potential to contribute to high-risk events and incidents
  • Strengthen worker protection strategies and expedite SIF-prevention training opportunities

Download the pSIF AI Advisor product brief to learn more about the solution and options for analyzing your data.

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