Reports On-The-Go with Mobile HSE Software

Reports On-The-Go with Mobile HSE Software

We’ve all been there. Sitting in the airport, stepping onto the train, about to join a meeting… when you get that urgent call from your boss asking for an update on the metrics, rates, and trends that you’ve just spent the last two weeks compiling. Except he/she doesn’t know that it took you weeks to put together your analysis and, of course, he needs a refresh before their next meeting in an hour. Now you’re left trying to figure out how to make a miracle happen as you scramble to locate your files, refresh the data, and send the information as quickly as possible.

When it comes to managing the health, safety and environmental (HSE) impact of a company, there is no shortage of information being recorded and reported. Pen and paper data management just won’t cut it and spreadsheet software, while capable, are frustrating to use. When vital health, safety or environmental information is requested, how quickly can such information be sent using outdated methods? And, with so much information being gathered, what good is the data if you don’t have the means to properly analyze it?

Imagine if you had the perfect solution to this problem. A solution that would provide the exact metrics and information your boss needs with a single click of the mouse, in the format that you want accessible on your mobile device. With today’s technology in the HSE field, digitizing reports can easily be done using HSE software. With HSE software, users can collect data using desktop or even mobile devices, and the information collected can quickly analyze and interpret information in a single click, turning data into insight and enabling companies to improve health, safety and environment programs.

Gensuite offers you that solution through our Digital Cockpits and Custom Reporter platform. Digital Cockpit provides accessibility to real-time performance metrics and allows for customized dashboards with business-defined metrics that pull from Gensuite applications or third-party data sources. You’ll never have to search through old data files to validate metrics again. Custom Reporter is a platform that hosts custom-developed, business-specific reports, with filter criteria, custom input options and output formats. With Custom Reporter, you can centralize all your business and site-specific reports in one place for easy access. By utilizing these two tools, you’ll save yourself from the trouble of having to spend hours compiling data and report outputs by hands, and you’ll know just where to look for the metrics and reports you need.

These real-time reports can be easily emailed on a set frequency or accessible through quick URL links that can be provided to leadership and staff members for easy reference. They’re also tablet and mobile compatible, so if you ever get caught in the airport you can quickly look grab your phone, look up the info at any scope in your organization and reply right away – no more struggling with Wi-Fi and a bulky laptop while on the go.

Sounds like a tool you need for reporting made easy? Visit the Gensuite website schedule a demo today!


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