Remote Auditing – Harnessing New Technologies to Engage Facility Teams & Overcome Pandemic Constraints

Remote Auditing – Harnessing New Technologies to Engage Facility Teams & Overcome Pandemic Constraints

Remote Auditing

Workplace restrictions and guidelines including social distancing have been critical to reducing the spread and impact of Covid-19 while also helping to ensure the health and safety of workers.  As organizations implement Return to Work plans, they are challenged to maintain compliance with a multitude of regulatory obligations as well as corporate standards for operational effectiveness and excellence.

Historically, the audit function within organizations has relied on the ability to travel to and visit facilities in-person where audit teams can gain first-hand insight into a facility’s demonstration of compliance through direction observation of facility conditions, activities, and conversation with employees.  This all changed over the past several weeks.

Technologies such as smart glasses and live video and audio streaming were once seen by most within the auditing community as non-value-added, distractions or simply as novelties.  In today’s new world, where audit teams are unable to travel and spend time physically at a facility, these technologies are emerging as necessities and critical to business.

Over the past few years, the Gensuite® Subscriber & Partner Community has been piloting the use of remote work technologies including smart glasses and extensions of the Gensuite® Mobile™ platform.  As part of their pandemic response strategies, subscribers have been able to leverage the best practices and lessons learned through our pilot work and apply these new technologies to critical business use cases such as audit planning and execution.

Through the integration of Gensuite® Mobile™ and Gensuite® Connect™ platforms with video/audio technologies, organizations are able to carry out audit and site engagement activities remotely.  Operators at facilities act as the “eyes and ears” of the remote auditor with live video, audio, and chat streaming. Facility personnel can walk about the site while transmitting live video, audio, and chat of what they see, hear, and observe.

In parallel, remote auditors provide guidance and feedback real-time to facility personnel while also recording observations, findings, and recommendations within tools such as Gensuite® Reg Auditor™ or Audit Assistant™.  Reg Auditor™ and Audit Assistant™ provide a solid foundation built and continuously innovated over the past 15+ years for audit program planning, management, and execution with value-added content integration including audit protocols provided by trusted content partners and innovations such as Audit Assistant’s™ Audit Room which brings multi-auditor teams together to collaborate, share and refine observations, and escalate findings and recommendations for action by facility teams.

As remote auditing and site team engagement become more critical in this Covid-19 pandemic-constrained environment, organizations will look to harness and evolve the application of emerging technologies, coupled with solid, workflow-enabled digital solutions.  Together, Gensuite and our subscriber community are working together to find effective solutions for our present and future, to keep your workplaces safe, healthy, and compliant.  Contact us today to learn more about our remote audit tools, or visit our website to read about our Covid-19 resources and other Pandemic Exposure tools.

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