Reflecting on Recharged apps, New Tech, and a Joyful Year!

Reflecting on Recharged apps, New Tech, and a Joyful Year!

Each holiday season, we find ourselves reflecting on the past year and on those who have helped shaped Gensuite – you! So, what did we accomplish together this year?  A lot, incredibly!


In 2017, we completely recharged and upgraded our key applications to deliver modern browser & cross-device compatibility and responsive design, expanded features, and improved user experience!  We appreciated the tremendous response and feedback throughout the beta preview, they were critical to success! And we have been thrilled to see the broader market response, with many prospective subscribers commenting positively about the look and feel of the new Gensuite interface.  We will now push on to complete full-suite makeover in 2018!


Gensuite has been hard at work this year, discovering new ways to integrate emerging technology with EHS&S management systems to deliver robust processes, best practice sharing, data & knowledge base, insights & decision support, and metrics & performance measures. Now you can intelligently integrate emerging tech with EHS&S Management systems to maximize your enterprise value!


Wow! This year we welcomed 46 new subscribers into the Gensuite community! That includes 55,000+ MobileApp users, across 120 companies that have deployed Gensuite Mobile.


We value our relationship with you and look forward to more milestones and continuing to build committed partnerships with you in the year to come. With that, get excited as we continue to enhance Mobile & frontier technologies, prepare for the 2018 User Conference, and much more. We wish you a happy holiday season and a new year filled with joy, peace and prosperity.

Happy holidays from all of us at Gensuite.

What else is happening for subscribers this holiday season?

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