Redefining HSE Through Emerging Tech & Rapid Global Deployments: Takeaways from the Verdantix Europe Summit

Redefining HSE Through Emerging Tech & Rapid Global Deployments: Takeaways from the Verdantix Europe Summit

The 2018 Verdantix Europe Summit for HSE Innovation and Technology was an amazing opportunity for industry leaders and practitioners to network, collaborate and grow – with a focus: delivering business value with innovative HSE technologies.

Verdantix is an independent research and consulting firm specializing in innovative technologies that optimize business operations, particularly in the EHS&S sector – making this summit perfect for Gensuite and leading businesses looking to making lasting partnerships.

 Frontier Tech, the Gensuite Subscriber Community & our Partners

 The market for HSE software providers is an increasingly crowded space. Despite this, the Gensuite community is recognized as a leader in innovation – thanks to our subscribers & partners, and cutting-edge integrations in Frontier Technology. We noticed a theme over the 2-day Summit – an interest in Gensuite’s practical use of leading-edge tech to drive safer working environments and provide value at the shop-level & in-the-field.

To learn more about our global deployment & integrations with Smart Glasses, Beacons, and Virtual Assistants, check out Gensuite at the Tech Frontier.

 Turning Heads & Implementing Digital HSE Systems at Warp Speed

 Gensuite teams build effective, global EHS&S solutions – quickly. Gensuite partnered with Global EHS Digital Manager at Tate & Lyle, Katie Kemp, to present one of our most recent success stories at the Verdantix Europe Summit: launching a global EHS&S solution for a multinational company in just four weeks.


Launching a new software system to maintain Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) management and compliance involves many moving parts, including system configuration, user training, data migration and more. With multiple components to system implementation, many EHS software solution providers take years to fully launch.

What if you could successfully launch in just a matter of weeks?

When Tate & Lyle, a multinational agribusiness with operations in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa, the United Arab Emirates, New Zealand and Australia, decided to implement an EHS software system, their objective was to launch it quickly and effectively across the global enterprise.

After an intensive evaluation process involving both EHS and IT functionality, Tate & Lyle selected Gensuite for global deployment, with kickoff in November of 2017. Tate & Lyle leadership worked closely with the Gensuite team to:

  • Establish Priorities
  • Identify Key Challenges
  • Streamline System Configuration
  • Build IT Integrations
  • Validate via User Acceptance & Pilot Validation

Our teams worked tirelessly within an incredible 4 week period – enabling launch by 1-Jan-2018! Following launch, the core team focused on training and rollout at Tate & Lyle’s 60+ sites and 3,900 employees, with key application interfaces provided to users in 16 languages.

Let’s Connect

Gensuite teams are passionate about building solutions to our subscribers’ toughest challenges, and we’re always honored to tell our stories. For more success stories and examples of Gensuite software in-the-field, visit our resources page. Contact us with any questions, and be sure to check out our events page to see if our teams are coming to a city near you!


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