How to Receive & Maintain OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Certification

How to Receive & Maintain OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Certification

Great EHS managers understand the importance of promoting safer and healthier workplaces in your daily workplace activities. No matter the industry, safety management plays a critical role in enhancing productivity and ensuring risk reduction. Many organizations and businesses seek out OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) certification to better their safety and health management practices.

Discover the fundamentals of OSHA’s VPP and the importance of obtaining VPP certification, from the many benefits of certification to the many Gensuite health and safety software management applications to help you receive and maintain your VPP certification.

What is the VPP?

The VPP aims to promote safer and healthier workplaces with effective management systems. Within the VPP, employers, employees, and OSHA create synergistic relationships at workplaces that have implemented a comprehensive health and safety management system. Why should you strive to be in this program? Approval into VPP marks OSHA recognition of outstanding occupational safety and health put forth by employers and employees. This program not only improves your business but also gives your business community recognition.

Why consider VPP certification?

Many benefits surround VPP certification, such as:

  • Improved employee motivation for workplace safety. Engaged employees lead to improved quality and productivity
  • Reduced worker’s compensation costs
  • Community recognition
  • Unionized VPP facilities
  • Reviews required under VPP lead to the improvement of existing safety and health programs
  • Participating sites experience 60 to 80 percent fewer lost workday injuries

What are the requirements for VPP certification?

All businesses are eligible to join Voluntary Protection Programs. To apply, your work site must show commitment to an effective safety and health management system, cooperation and demonstrate ongoing good performance.

  • Safety & Health Program
    • According to OSHA, the best way to prevent workplace illnesses and injuries is with an effective safety and health management program. Each VPP participant is expected to use a comprehensive system.
  • Good performance
    • VPP participants selected based on their written safety management system and ongoing performance. Continuous improvement is expected.
  • Cooperation
    • VPP participants must actively engage with OSHA, the employees, employee representatives, and the employees.

How do you receive and maintain VPP Certification?

Gensuite application solutions have been utilized by numerous sites and subscribers to effectively achieve and maintain VPP certification. Our solutions correlate with all VPP sections and requirements. Here are the recommended applications for achieving VPP certification.

  • Safety Risk Analysis
    • Develop and maintain a searchable repository of job-based risk assessments, available for easy search and access to all employees.
  • Action Tracking System
    • Manage corrective action plans, responsibility assignment, notifications and escalations with real-time status/closure tracking, trending and data mining.
  • Incidents and measurements
    • Record all incidents of relevance by type and with customizable details, enable follow-up and root cause analysis and report and analyze metrics (KPIs) and performance trends.

Interested in learning more about Gensuite health and safety management software applications? Schedule a demo!

Start your OSHA VPP certification journey today! Think about what safety management practices matter to you and your employees. Safer and healthier workplaces are just around the corner. To learn more, check out Gensuite’s implementation guide, OSHA VPP: Promoting & Implementing Better Workplace Health & Safety.



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