QR Codes: EHS Thought Leadership, Global Connectedness & Compliance

QR Codes: EHS Thought Leadership, Global Connectedness & Compliance

The secret to success is teamwork! At Gensuite, we whole-heartedly embrace this concept, encouraging our subscribers to share, learn and collaborate with each other and with us. In the interest of collaboration and best practice sharing, Gensuite recently organized a friendly contest amongst our subscribers, encouraging them to post implementation strategies for Gensuite EZ Scan in Idea Exchange, a private Gensuite subscriber-only forum.

Gensuite EZ Scan is a new feature that enables users to generate QR codes associated with areas, buildings, departments, equipment, Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) procedures, Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and more, allowing for quick access to pertinent information during site activities. Many subscribers participated in the contest, sharing insight into how their diverse programs use the application, sparking ideas across the Gensuite community. Here are four examples of how our subscribers are using EZ Scan to achieve Environmental, Health & Safety and Sustainability program excellence:

  1. Increase concern reporting. General Electric uses EZ Scan at their Non-Industrial office locations to increase concern reporting. With a single QR code scan, workers are directly connected to a quick intake form to compile and submit concern details. Posters around the office encourage workers to report using EZ Scan’s easy method. “(EZ Scan) is currently launched at our office instance as a way to stimulate reporting. We are busy getting this rolled out and communicated across our offices!” said Peter Taylor Watson from GE.
  2. Quick access to department specific information. The GE Energy Connections Automation and Controls site in Bangalore, India uses EZ Scan for easy access to department specific information. GE workers can log concerns, access chemical SDS information and view LOTO procedures at each respective department using their mobile devices.
  3. Eliminate hard copies from the manufacturing floor. GE’s Oil & Gas Drilling site in Jurong Town, Singapore uses EZ Scan to digitize their sites. Workers use iPads to scan QR Codes posted at each building, giving them access to safety information without any need for physical copies. Manimaran Ponnusamy from the Jurong Town, Singapore site shared his excitement about EZ Scan on Idea Exchange, saying, “I had a chance to view the EZScan features guided by the India Gensuite team today, this tool is really amazing!”
  4. Real-time hazard updates. Perrigo, an international manufacturer of private label over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, uses EZ Scan for many purposes, which provides real-time visibility across sites. “We had launched the SDS System almost a year ago and over the course of the summer, EZ Scan has been implemented. This not only helps employees locate SDS easily and quickly, but also allows security and other supporting agencies to know the hazards in real-time. Nice job Gensuite on this capability!” said Tanya Moore, EH&S Systems Administrator from Perrigo.




We believe that we can all learn something from each other, and the EZ Scan Implementation contest showcases that. Seeing these different implementation strategies demonstrates the many ways that EZ Scan can be deployed across a diverse set of industries. Tell us what you think, whether you are a current Gensuite subscriber or not, as we continue our journey of shared innovation and evolution of best practice solutions for compliance and management systems excellence.



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