Importance of Training Management & LMS Software

Whether it’s the first day on the job, or a team member has been with the company for years, training and learning management should be a big part of a company’s workflow. Much more than just an introduction to successful business practices, training also allows seasoned employees to learn new skills and adjust to changes made to job requirements.

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Benefits of Training Management Software for EHS Compliance

  • Organize your eLearning content in one location in a cloud-based learning management system (LMS)
  • Quickly deliver comprehensive and customizable training programs to your team
  • Easily track learner progress and performance with training records management
  • Reduce learning and development costs with online training systems
  • Reduce learning and development time with access to online exams and quizzes
  • Stay up-to-date with training management compliance regulations


How Organizations Can Use Training Management Solution for Continued Learning

New employees are not the only ones that benefit from training. Employees switching to a new position, or changing jobs that integrate new procedures, can also benefit from ongoing training and workplace learning. As regulations begin to mandate training requirements, and as your company progresses its team by hiring new employees and shuffling team members to new positions, the best way you can maintain training requirements, is with an LMS software solution.

Employee training tracking software helps to measure ongoing progress and the success of your employees and training program. With a training management software solution, you can digitize your data and easily record training and employee development with a software program as mobile as you. From initiating employee-specific trainings to following-up on training progress, you have full control of the entire process.

Leaders can plan regulatory-required training and program-specific training based on job activity, all in a comprehensive digital solution. Enable e-learning, schedule classroom training, “flag” training needs for transferred employees and track required employee training all from the comfort of your office computer or your mobile device.


Training Management Software for EHS Compliance

Deliver employee and workplace educational courses with ease to reduce risks.



Integrating LMS Software After Merger and Acquisition

Discover how one company integrated a learning management system after a major M&A.



Steps to Enhanced Workplace Safety Training

Discover the best practices surrounding workplace safety training for your employees


Features of Gensuite Training Management & LMS Software for EHS Compliance

  • Establish framework for managing regulatory-required and program-specific training requirements
  • Integrate with existing HR systems to alert training leaders of new and transferred employees for training needs assessment
  • Offer multiple training instruction types to engage employees in classroom and e-learning
  • Provide employees access to a library of pre-loaded training content licensed from leading providers such as RedVector®, SkillSoft® and PureSafety®
  • Validate training effectiveness through e-quizzes and logging completions online through Mobile QR coding
  • Learning Management System (LMS) application that supports AICC and SCORM
  • Identify qualified employees by task and training completion status
  • Establish specialized training needs based on language, country-specific and local regulatory-required training with use of Gensuite Reg Tracker

Integrated Suite of Employee Training Tracking Management Tools

Training Tracking EHS Software to Track Training of Employees Easily Using EHS Management Software

Training Tracker

Manage employee engagement with regulatory and best-practice training requirements using a multi-tiered matrix, deliver training via classroom or e-learning and view qualifications on-demand.

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Training Scheduling EHS Software to Track Training Schedule of Employees Using EHS Management Software

Training Calendar

Establish scheduling and setup online registration for classroom-based training offerings with session attendance and management capabilities

Training Management Software Helps Assign and Track Business Action Plans

Action Plan Manager

Assign, track and sign-off on business-specific action plans, which consist of a set of activities and/or training based on organization requirements

Gensuite Permit EHS Management Software Allows Users to View Site Permits, Consent Decrees and Other EHS Software Regulatory Documents

Reg Tracker

Monitor and track new and updated regulations by country/jurisdiction with customizable, subscription-based user notification emails and dashboards

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My Learning Management System (LMS)®

Cloud-based, powerful learning platform integrated with packaged learning content or build and use your own content, and supported by AICC and SCORM systems.

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