Gensuite Sustainability Software for ESG Management & Reporting

As organizations look to improve their sustainability management efforts, it is important to build a strong, foundational ESG framework. Gensuite’s sustainability software equips organizations with the tools necessary to decrease operational impacts on the environment, establish internal management best practices to comply with regulations, and provides robust sustainability reporting to meet the needs of stakeholders.

Benefits of Sustainability Management Software

  • Establish a culture of operational excellence and easily manage & measure best practices
  • Decrease environmental impact by conducting comprehensive site assessments & ESG evaluation
  • Save energy & consumptions costs by scheduling and conducting reoccurring energy audits
  • Reduce reputational risk from suppliers and vendors by conducting supplier risk assessments
  • Mitigate employee health & safety incidents with integrated tracking, root cause analysis, and analyze KPIs
  • Streamline and automate monthly, quarterly, & annual sustainability reports to communicate performance metrics


Using Comprehensive ESG Reporting to Measure Sustainability Performance

Consumer and stakeholder demands are increasing at exponential rates for organizations to prove their due diligence on responsible practices related to the environment, societal impact, and sound governance. As consumer spending shifts to organizations that embody solid management of ESG, more companies are seeking solutions to report metrics for stakeholder evaluation and transparency with their publics.

With comprehensive ESG systems, organizations can track and report on internal governance, operational best practices, and policies to reduce risk and maintain compliance, measure their environmental impact and reduction efforts, and report on social aspects, such as the health and safety of employees. Centralizing sustainability metrics within a single, digital platform increases productivity, integrity of data, and saves management teams valuable time compiling sustainability reports.

Configure and Deploy Sustainability Management Software

Plug into the comprehensive Gensuite solution

Deploy the system in as quickly as
4-6 weeks

Extend and evolve your programs continuously


Sustainable Energy Management Brief

Transform your company’s sustainability & energy initiatives with intuitive software.


Gensuite Sustainability Reporting

Easily compile and analyze resource consumption, GHG emissions & cost.


Starting the Digital Revolution in Sustainability

Eco-Business spotlights Gensuite’s use of technology to help achieve sustainability development goals.


Features of Gensuite Sustainability Management Solution

  • Baseline and track sustainability footprint; identify trends in resource consumption, costs, emissions outputs
  • Define operational standards and expectations for all users and sites and measure performance
  • Identify conservation opportunities via energy treasure hunts and sustainability and energy audits; estimate cost & resource savings in-the-field using a mobile software application
  • Implement viable reduction projects, track actual cost & savings, and share best practices across the organization to replicate success
  • Define resource, CO2, & cost conservation goals and track progress at the site, segment, and company level; measure impact of energy/resource reduction projects
  • Communicate and report on Carbon Disclosure Project, Global Reporting Initiative, CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, etc.
  • Standardize corporate environmental sustainability expectations; identify best practices; assess performance
  • Integrate with external systems and data repositories for uploads of resource consumption & cost data

Integrated Suite of ESG Management Tools

Gensuite Sustainability Metrics EHS Management Software Helps Track Sustainability Metrics Using EHS Software

Sustainability Reporting

Compile and analyze energy usage, water usage, GHG emissions, costs and other customizable sustainability metrics reported monthly, quarterly, or annually

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Sustainability Prospector

Identify, quantify and compare efficiency across multiple evaluation criteria (i.e. energy savings, CO2 emission reduction, cost savings, simple payback)

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Sustainability Project EHS Management Software Tracking System For Environmental Compliance Using EHS Software

Sustainability Projects

Track resource conservation projects and activities to completion; replicate success and evaluate project impact on overall sustainability footprint

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Establish sustainability program expectations and approach to achieve targets and goals; track progress and manage accountability at facility level using Sustainability Management Software

Sustainability Scorecard

Establish sustainability program expectations and approach to achieve operational performance targets and goals; track progress & manage accountability at facility level

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Digital Cockpit – Custom Reports

Report sustainability metrics to facilitate leadership-level decision making and demonstrate progress towards set goals and reduction targets

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