Gensuite Supplier Management Software for Responsible Sourcing

From conflict minerals compliance to fair labor practices and supply chain sustainability, responsible sourcing has become increasingly vital to organizational success. Gensuite Supplier Management Software enhances client-supplier relationships to promote sustainable supply chain management while driving organizational goals and initiatives. Complete supplier risk assessment and conformance with environmental, health & safety (EHS), and assess social responsibility, and sustainability expectations within the global supply chain to prevent business disruptions and increase product compliance.

Benefits of Supplier Management Software

  • Enhance supplier inventory management for increased visibility of supplier demographics and risk levels
  • Reduce risk of nonconformance and fines with global supply chain requirements through automated audit notifications & reminders
  • Improve performance tracking and measurement for ongoing responsible sourcing
  • Increase regulatory compliance with automated task workflows and supplier risk assessments
  • Save time tracking, documenting, and implementing corrective actions involved with supplier audits
  • Build a sustainable supply chain management program from anywhere with mobile capabilities


How Supplier Management Systems Support Supply Chain Sustainability & Conflict Minerals Compliance

Maintaining Conflict Minerals Compliance means organizations must report the use of conflict minerals, such as tin, gold, tantalum, and tungsten, within their products, to regulatory bodies. Reporting on the use of these resources contributes to sustainable supply chain management to ensure organizations are doing their part to reduce conflict, violence, and corruption that too often accompanies the mining, use, and manufacture of products involving these materials. With a digital supplier management system, conflict minerals compliance can be obtained through streamlined supplier engagement and automated issue alerting.

In addition to increased compliance, organizations can build greater transparency in their supply chain with conflict minerals reporting.  Supplier management software that includes conflict minerals enables organizations to respond quickly to consumer and regulatory requests for information, with available options to scale existing programs to address emerging global requirements.  Maintaining supply chain due diligence with a digital solution for conflict minerals compliance ultimately results in reduced organizational risks, ensures stakeholder visibility, and achieves overall supply chain sustainability for ongoing responsible sourcing and production compliance with regulatory audits.

Configure and Deploy Supplier Management Software

Plug into the comprehensive Gensuite solution

Deploy the system in as quickly as
4-6 weeks

Extend and evolve your programs continuously


Conflict Minerals Program Management White Paper

Ensure compliance & increase visibility into program aspects for supply chain continuity & risk mitigation


Responsible Sourcing Program Brief

Reduce safety risks and incidents while improving daily operations and procedures.


Environmental Product of the Year

E+E Leader spotlights Gensuite’s use of technology to achieve business sustainability goals


Features of Gensuite Supplier Management Solution

  • Create an inventory of suppliers based on geography, risk priority and responsible sourcing program requirements
  • Establish supplier profiles for supplier inventory management including geographic information, product information, key contacts, etc.
  • Deploy custom audit protocols and schedule supplier audits consistent with supplier risk assessment and program requirements. Delegate audits needed approving by 3rd party consultants or agencies, and notify with email reminders
  • Perform customized supplier audits based on program needs with the ability to complete using Gensuite Mobile on a smartphone or tablet
  • Track audit gaps to closure and generate reports to review corrective action trends and closure status
  • Generate a custom KPI report with supplier risk assessment reflecting key program requirements and custom risk scoring model

Integrated Suite of Supplier Management Tools


Compliance Calendar

Schedule periodic/recurring tasks and obligations, assign responsibility with email notifications and intelligent escalations, and track and report status

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Supplier Manager

Supplier Manager

Create supplier inventory of information by including supplier risk level, location and sourced products; view program status and audit results

Regulatory Auditing EHS Management Software and EHS Software for Audit Management & Compliance

Responsible Sourcing Auditor

Conduct supplier assessments across program areas using custom protocols and report findings to the Gensuite Action Tracking System

Conflict Minerals EHS Management Software To Manage Conflict Minerals Using EHS Software

Conflict Materials

Manage all aspects of responsible sourcing, conflict minerals reporting, & product compliance programs via web-based Supplier Portal

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Incident Management Software Helps Manage Corrective Action Plans

Action Tracking System

Manage corrective action plans, responsibility assignment, notifications and escalations with real-time status/closure tracking, trending and data mining

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