• Compile Site Profile information with key details about geography, site location & access, and other attributes including key security/emergency contact information

  • Define custom Risk Profiling model integrated with a scoring system and assess sites within the organization for understanding the risk landscape

  • Capture Security Concerns from all employees, alerting the security team to potential incidents, including the ability to escalate to a security incident

  • Document Security Incidents including incident follow-up and engage other stakeholders including HR, Legal, Facilities, Operations & Corporate Security in driving closure enabled with document attachment capability (e.g. police report, pictures, investigation documentation, reports, and more)

  • Schedule security drills and other operational tasks with automatic reminders & escalations

  • Leverage integrated reporting tools for analysis and identifying Incident Trends

  • Conduct audits of the Security Management program to assess potential program gaps and recommendations for closing the gap

  • Mobile Software Capability – Seamless integration from mobile to desktop; Tablet and smartphone- enabled solutions with Gensuite on the Go apps for Apple, Android, Amazon and Windows

Desktop and mobile screenshots of Gensuite Security Management software applications capabilities. Action tracking system and more
EHS Software Business Case Study


Equipment manufacturer and services provider with global facility and customer footprint


Security & Crisis Management program requiring all employees to have the ability to report security concerns and for Security professionals to be notified to complete incident investigation and follow-up. Integrated corrective action tracking with rollup reporting capability for full stakeholder visibility.


  • Implementation of Security Concern, Security Incident Reporting, Action Tracking System, Compliance Calendar and Profiler

  • Automatic email notifications to Security professionals – streamlined visibility to concerns and incidents with quick follow-up

  • Facility risk scoring based on each facility’s responses to a customized security/crisis management risk survey, with drilldown reporting


Security Concern Reporting

Log and track security concerns with automatic email notifications to designated security leaders with escalation options for security incident

Security Incident Reporting

Record incident details by type, track follow-up with automatic email notifications and report incidents and trends

EHS Risk Management Software Action Tracking

Action Tracking System

Manage corrective action plans, assignments, notifications and escalations, with real-time status/closure tracking of trends and data mining

Compliance Calendar EHS Software

Compliance Calendar

Schedule periodic/recurring tasks and obligations, assign responsibility with email notifications and intelligent escalations and track and report status

Power Audit tool application

Power Audit Tool

Conduct program assessments using custom security protocols, set frequency/schedule and report gaps and export findings to the Gensuite Action Tracking System

Environmental Profiler


Track site profile details and custom attributes of security risks and programs, assign responsibility and update frequency and manage real-time reports by scope and criteria


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