• Inventory and inspect all routine/non-routine tasks

  • Author Risk Assessments using standard/custom scoring models and approval workflow; publish to open access repository of Risk Assessments available to employees

  • Communicate Risk Assessments to employees and ensure safety training with Gensuite Training Management suite

  • LOTO software – Develop & publish Lockout Tagout program procedures by equipment/process lines; maintain authorized personnel and track execution status

  • Mobile Software Capability – Search and procedures on a Mobile device; scan QR code for fast access

EHS Software Business Case Study


Aircraft System manufacturer and services provider with 2,000+ employees at one facility and over 10,000 Confined Spaces on site


Centralized web-based occupational health and safety software system for Safe Work Permits with the capability to maintain inventories of areas that require permits.


  • Implementation and installation of a safety management system software solution, including the Safe Work Permit application

  • Streamlined safety-critical equipment inventory

  • Online Confined Space permit that references associated hazards and other assessments

  • Automated alerts of training and permit considerations


EHS Safety Matrix/ Risk Register

Safety Matrix/Risk Register

Prioritize the development of assessments for job activities relating to safety risks, Industrial Hygiene and ergonomics based on a matrix ranking system

EHS Safety Risk Analysis

Safety Risk Analysis/Job Safety

Develop and maintain a searchable repository of job-based risk assessments, available for easy search and access by all employees

EHS Safety Work Permits

Safe Work Permit

Request, track and complete online work permits for high risk/safety-critical work activities (i.e. confined space entry, hot work, permit required activities)

Lockout Tagout Software LOTO Software

Create and maintain a repository of Lockout Tagout (LOTO) procedures that is accessible for employees to search and view; track LOTO execution

EHS industrial hygiene application tool

Industrial Hygiene

Track and analyze IH exposure assessments and monitoring summaries, and leverage automated Occupational/Personal Exposure Limit

EHS Ergo Facilitator action tracking system

Ergo Facilitator

Standardize ergonomic assessments and projects with office and industrial settings using corrective action tracking

Manage firm qualifications, contractor training/records and project/firm-specific safety performance and corrective action tracking


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